Shop Seattle: Three by Three Bamboo Dry Erase Board

Not a whole lot of people know this about me, but I kind of geek out over cute but practical office supplies.  I fall in love with pens that have the perfect grip, ink flow and size.  I have a secret stash of cute paperclips, pushpins and post-it notes.  We all spend a lot of hours working, so why not surround ourselves with things that are practical but also bring big smiles to our faces.

A big smile was planted on my face, the first time I ever visited Three by Three Seattle’s website.  These products (available online) are designed here in Seattle and are a fabulous blend of design and function.  They’ve got some very cool magnetic strips and magnets. I especially love their Magnum Magnets, which can hold up to 12 sheets of paper.

Their magnet hooks are also ridiculously impressive:

But the product that really caught my attention were their Dry Erase Channel Panels.  Not only does the bamboo wood with dry erase finish provide a much more pleasing look than a white board, there are so many elements to this panel that make it fun and functional.  There’s a hidden “mail pocket” at the top where you can put letters or small objects, 2 hooks (great for hanging scissors and keys), a bamboo cup and holder (no more searching around for those pens), and a magnetic strip.

The environmentalist in me was really happy to read that this board is designed with sustainable bamboo (using a dry erase board also helps me cut back on my use of paper).  Three by Three’s Seattle-based designer, Gwen Weinberg, is a former bookbinder and jewelry maker – you can see why she’s becoming nationally recognized for her innovation of products that use bamboo, glass and stainless steel. Three by Three was designed the first ever magnetic strip bullietin board and I’m happy to have their products in my home office!

Here’s your chance to enter to win a small bamboo dry erase channel panel (value $70)!

**Note: Contest has ended!

Seattle Pockets was given a channel panel for personal use and for the giveaway, in exchange for the review. All opinions here are mine.


  1. A Three by Three entry butler would SO save my sanity…key holder, note holder, “important stuff” holder, all in one spot. Thanks for hosting the dry erase panel giveaway!


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