Organizing just got easier with ThreebyThree – Shop Seattle + Giveaway!

Organizing has never been one of my strong suits. As a kid, my mom would send me to my room to clean it and find me later buried in a pile of books reading. I would always try to convince her that I was just arranging them as part of the cleaning process (as piles of clothes surrounded me). Somehow she saw right through that!
As an adult, the skill of keeping organized has seemed out of reach. I realized recently part of the reason I never have everything in its place is because I never had a place for everything. Glad to say: with the support of my boyfriend (who is very organized), things are changing! I finally got a wardrobe organizer for my room and am now having fun finding a place for everything.  That said, “Where are my keys” is a common thought I have when trying to run out the door. I have my boyfriend call my phone (or use if he’s not around – a lifesaver) to find that on a regular basis.  This madness has to stop.
Thankfully, my new shelf from Three by Three is the perfect solution.
3 shelf
This Seattle brand contacted me again (check out my past review of them, here) to see if I was interested in trying out some of their new products. PERFECT TIMING! While this shelf can be used for anything, really, I’m using mine to keep my keys and cell phone when I’m at home. It’s got the fun feature of being magnetic and comes with a magnetic hook and a few magnets to hang notes to self or fun photos too! Their products are super cute and I can’t resist the twitter bird magnets – a must have for any social media manager!
3 magnets
Want to win a ThreebyThree shelf (your choice in color – I went with white) and set of bird magnets? Check out the rafflecopter form on ways you can enter here. (Hint, start by leaving a comment on the blog and then visit the rafflecopter to get credit for your post).
Do you have tips on staying organized? Please let me know in the comments below! I’m SO ready to turn over this new leaf in life!
Disclaimer: Three by Three contacted me to see if I wanted a complimentary product. My opinions are my own and not changed because of the free factor. As with anything, I only post things on this blog that I truly enjoy and think others would too!
Note: ThreebyThree ships but only in the United States.


  1. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one caught reading when I should have been cleaning. LOL I would totally enter the contest if you had one. 🙂


  2. I was a very messy kid and then sometime after college I realized I could lean into my OCD tendencies and be SUPER organized. Unfortunately my system only works for me (unless someone else could guess that glue, post-its and gum all go in the same box because they’re all things that stick…)


  3. In general, I’m ruthless about not keeping stuff (I generally donate an older piece of clothing every time I buy a new piece of clothing) in the first place, but next to that, it’s all about keeping the things I use regularly easily accessible (hi, bottle opener that lives on the counter!) and segregated from the stuff I want to keep but only use once a year (hi, canning equipment in the basement cupboard!). I *love* little bins where I can separate things, because if everything is in a heap then none of it gets found/used.
    Modern bonus for kids sent to clean rooms: I have found that my e-reader easily accommodates my childhood tendency to read with one hand while set the table/make my bed/clean my bathroom with the other. (I still walk around the house reading, it’s just somewhat less hazardous.)


  4. As children go from toddler to elementary school-age, the toys get smaller. One inexpensive way to organize them – put a clear over the door shoe organizer(the kind with pockets) on their closet door. Great place to stash things, takes no space, and you can easily see all the treasures.


  5. I just moved from a big house to 425 sq. feet, with VERY little storage. My key is: only keep clothes that I would see at the store right now and want to buy, and go vertical. Vertical storage is key! But make sure you don’t have a lot! My new mantra is “collect moments, not things” 🙂


  6. As a kid I was the same! As an adult I am a habitual purger. I go in spurts of getting rid of clutter every few months. If you get rid of it you don’t have to organize it! Also, I just started putting together a craft/guest room, I think I need that shelf. And those magnets.


  7. I used to LOVE cleaning my room when I was a kid, and actually had the embarrassing habit of organizing/cleaning my friends’ rooms as well. As a grown up I have a harder time staying organized because I have always been a collector of various things (sshhh it’s not hoarding at ALL) so my best tip for staying organized is not doing it alone! It’s so much easier if there is someone with you that can be objective and help you pinpoint what you can get rid, or find that perfect spot for something you own that you never knew what to do with.


    • You are SO cute Erin! I love that you had that habit as a kid. I will definitely have you over soon to help talk me through some “do you REALLY need that” support! 🙂

      PS the contest is now live if you want to enter to win:


  8. organizing is hard because sometimes you get drawn into the sentimental attachments and memories associated with things.. this is especially hard if I’m going through my bookshelves-I get sidetracked and start reading, or perusing photographs. or with clothes-all those pieces you’re not wearing but they still feel like they are a part of you keep taking up room. I used to help friends organize their stuff and that was so much easier! if in doubt, take everything out of the space or room and start over with the essentials. see how it feels when you have only the things you really want to look at and then figure out what to do with the rest! this gives you an opportunity to do some deep cleaning too. 🙂


    • Lisa – I definitely have a problem holding on to things that have sentimental value – Brandon was amazed at how many things I have kept over the years (and I did a HUGE purge of stuff – which might have been a mistake) a few years back.

      You’re right too – its so easy to get distracted by things you come across while cleaning. I really love your tip on taking everything out and adding it back one by one! 🙂 Thanks!

      By the way, you can enter to win the shelf and magnets, here:


    • Hi Lisa! Great points all around. I often get distracted by things with sentimental value. I also have a LOT of that stuff (even though I sadly purged a lot of stuff a few years back to make space – I love saving tickets to concerts, etc!) LOVE the idea of taking everything out and then just adding back essentials and going from there. SUCH a good plan – definitely going to try that!

      The contest is now live – feel free to enter to win your own shelf and magnets!


  9. This is an outstanding article and I totally realize exactly where your coming from within the third section. Perfect read, Ill regularly follow the other reads.


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