Ladywell Spa in Greenwood + Giveaway!

Ladywell Spa is turning one soon. I wanted to make sure all my readers and friends have heard about this fabulous oasis, so I’m hosting a giveaway (see below).

This women-only, woman-owned spa in Greenwood is the newest addition to the Seattle spa community, offering relaxation rooms and pools to all.

They offer two whirlpools (one hot, one tepid) and a small cold plunge pool with waterfall. You have to dip yourself down to submerge yourself in the cold plunge pool (I’m a wuss when it comes to cold so have only gone waist deep), but not every spa in town offers a cold plunge!

Beyond whirlpools and a steam room they also have two sauna options: the traditional dry cedar sauna and a pink Himalayan salt sauna which will warm your core and help you sweat out toxins. The Salt Sauna is fantastic – I feel warm in my bones after laying in there for 5-10 minutes and the pink colors are soft and calming. Their spacious relaxation and stretching room offers a swinging chair that is perfect to curl up in to feel a million miles away from the rest of the world. There’s space to stretch or do yoga between therapies, tea is complimentary (not the case in all the spas in the area).

Pink Himalayan Salt Sauna โ€จat Ladywell Spa

Pink Himalayan Salt Sauna โ€จat Ladywell Spa

Love this chair!

Love this chair!

I had the chance to try out Ladywell’s signature sugar scrub and rinse during my visit. Incredibly relaxing washes bookend the treatment (the therapist pours pitchers of warm water over your body as you lie on the table – this is my new favorite thing! It’s really unlike anything else and feels incredible). The exfoliation of the sugar is great too and I had great communication with my therapist to let her know I’m a bit on the sensitive side (something I worry about with body work, if a therapist isn’t a good listener). She checked in throughout the treatment and I was surprised to find that I could take more scrubbing action than I originally thought (perhaps sugar is better than salt?)

Feeling shy? While birthday suits are recommended, those a bit more body-shy are welcome to don their swimsuits (something not allowed in other women-only spas in town).

Open on Sundays (and Tuesday – Saturdays too!): While a big spa in the area is CLOSED on Sundays, you can get your relaxation rolling here. Ladywell is open 10am – 10pm Tuesday – Sundays (last entrance is at 9).

Here’s how to save on your next visit: Mention “Seattle Pockets” for $11 off your regularly priced ($36) entry fee. I hear they also have discounts for groups of 6+ (not sure the details on that, but will update when I get them). Ladywell Spa also offers an Early Bird Spa Entry $25 Tuesday-Friday before 2pm.

So…you want to enter to win a free visit to the spa? Enter here (hint, write a comment on this blog post first, then visit the link to make your entry count).




Loved this photo from an old LIFE magazine they shared on their Facebook page!

Loved this photo from an old LIFE magazine they shared on their Facebook page!

Disclaimer: Seattle Pockets was gifted a free entry and signature salt scrub. As always, free does not influence my opinions. This giveaway is provided by Seattle Pockets out of pocket – I wanted to pay it forward!

32 thoughts on “Ladywell Spa in Greenwood + Giveaway!

  1. I am lucky to live within walking distance of Ladywell Spa and it is a slice of heaven! Restoring of sanity and spirit is offered with every visit. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Lady wells has become my Friday early bird habit. As an LMP I cannot reccomend contrast immersion strongly enough and regularly refer my clients to the Ladywells knowing that their experience will be not only therapeutic but relaxing and enjoyable as well.


  3. Three blocks from my house and closer to heaven every two weeks. Love that Crystal had a dream and made it come true. I framed her signs so that they will stay clean and fresh for a long time. I try to bring someone new to Ladywell’s every couple of times so that others can enjoy my life. I also come alone to regenerate and not have to talk to anyone for a few hours. Its great to have alone time sometimes. Specially since I am in the hospitality business and talk to people all day. I think I just was rambling a bit. I love the spa.


  4. Excited to visit Ladywell for the first time. I’ve been too shy to go to the lady only spas & the Banya 5 co-ed is sometimes not relaxing. Thanks for this post!


  5. I heard about Ladywell’s from a friend today and then found your post. So, I think my visiting Ladywell’s is meant to be. It’s exciting to find out about such an inviting, restful space and so near my home. I’m definitely ready for some pampering and looking forward to visiting!


  6. My daughter talked me into trying the cold plunge and it feels exhilarating!! (Never thought I’d say that.) Just what I need after a couple of months of moving house!


  7. Would love to go! Never been to a spa before! Long overdue- working full time and running around after my 2 year old the rest of the time!


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