$4 tickets to new musical “Waterfall” at The 5th Avenue Theatre

Special offer for RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP tickets to see new musical Waterfall at The 5th Avenue Theatre. The writers want feedback from theatre-loving audiences! Click here to claim your $4 tickets. I’ve been told this show is beautiful! If you attend, come back to this blog and share your review in the comments below!

Tickets, here. See it October 2, 3, or 4!

jim cox

About the show:

Based on the contemporary Thai novel Behind the Painting, this tempestuous romance is set in 1930s Thailand and Japan as the monarchy crumbles with Japan on the brink of war. In this turbulent time, a young Thai student and the American wife of a Thai diplomat fall into forbidden love whose dangers parallel the shifting world around them.

Also this week (on October 1):

Check out First Thursday (also opening day/night) for “Intimate Impressionism from the National Gallery of Art” at Seattle Art Museum from 10am –  9pm.


AND the happens-only-twice-a-year free South Lake Union Art Walk from 5 – 8pm.

slu cover

Image credits:  via 5th Avenue Theatre (Jim Cox) / via Seattle Art Museum “Picking Flowers” by Auguste Renoir, 1875. visitsam.org/impressionism/ South Lake Union (Jess Bruels)


  1. I went to see Waterfall last night at the 5th Avenue Theater. It was riveting and engaging. The story ripped at your heart for both the lovers and the social commentary. The scenery was spectacular. The acoustics and articulation of the singers was so good. I could hear and understand every word, (not the case for many shows.) I would highly recommend it. It should do well on Broadway.
    Marilyn Thomas-Penney


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