Giveaway: Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland

Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland returns to The Triple Door April 26-30.

To enter to win a pair of tickets, comment on this blog post, then fill out our giveaway form here. 

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About the show:

Now in its ninth consecutive season at The Triple Door, Through The Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland follows Alice as she discovers what wonders lie beyond the velvet rope at Wonderland’s most exclusive nightclub, The Looking Glass, and tries to beat the evil Queen of Hearts to become the next ruler of Wonderland. New this year, Verlaine and McCann’s Alice boasts a fresh set design by Footlight Award-winning scenic designer Julia Welch.

“Last year, we added incredible costume pieces and this year we are taking a big leap forward in scenic design,” Lily Verlaine commented.  “As new artists take on a character, we let the artists’ strengths inform the character. For instance, Tory Peil’s stoic/manic performance of the Cheshire Cat role differs greatly from prior artists’ performances, and the Tribellas’ (Maiden Egypt, Ivy D’Vine, Juwana Heart) Flamingoes number now showcases their signature fusion belly dancing.”

The complete cast stars Lily Verlaine (Caterpillar, Red Queen); Jasper McCann (White Rabbit); Miss Indigo Blue (The Mad Hatter, Tiger Lily, The Duchess); Babette La Fave (Jabberwocky, Tweedle Dee, Cook); Dreamy Tangerine (Alice); Cookie Bellini (Alice); Tory Peil (Cheshire Cat, White Queen, MaryAnne); Paris Original (Knave of Hearts, Door Mouse); Trojan Original (March Hare, Caterpillar Cavalier, Cook); Maiden Egypt (Queen Of Hearts); Juwana Heart (Tweedle Dum); Ivy D’Vine (Flamingo, Mushroom); Isobella Bloom (Drink Me); Britt Hobson (Eat Me); Tom-Tom The Phenomenon (Paraffin the Chandelier); and from New York City, Lena Foxe (Brass the Chandelier).

Tickets here.



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