Blogs I read

A few of the blogs I read and love:

Fresh Jess – Stylish but down to earth, with a heart of gold and a smart head on her shoulders. Fun Seattle events , style posts, bulldog love and more.

Capitol Hill Blog – if it’s happening in my neighborhood, they’re writing about it!

Complikated – my friend Kate is currently going through chemo to fight against her cancer. She shares her battle, struggles, and courage here.

Cheap Bastard Seattle – sorry for the B word, but this fella does post a lot of great deals.

Alixrose – a charming Seattle style blogger pal who embraces finding your own style.

Wine Folly – Fab Seattle based wine blog that makes improving your “wine smarts” fun and approachable.

SAM Blog – blog by the Seattle Art Museum.

Bored Panda – gorgeous, unique art. – a sweet couple Juna & Justin share their learnings and lessons about relationships on this incredibly thoughtful video blog. Start from their first video (it’s worth all the scrolling back) and work your way forward. If you’re in a relationship, this is great to watch with your partner to inspire powerful relationship conversations! I really need to post a blog soon about this blog—Brandon and I love it.

Amanda’s Plate – this Seattle based past Master Chef contestant shares great recipes and is a total sweetheart.

This list was updated in January 2016. Have a blog (especially Seattle focused) I should check out? Message me via my contact form—I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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List updated January 2016.

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