Upcoming: Comedy, Crafts, and Lights

Three upcoming events I’m looking forward to that you might also enjoy:
This month, I’ll be back as a judge for the Seattle International Comedy Competition! While the event I’m judging is a private event at the Washington Athletic Club, you can attend the competition as an audience member on November 22nd at the Comedy Underground! There are also a few other shows coming up around the state, if you travel outside of Seattle. Details here. Excited to get my laugh on and see some incredible talent.
Alida, Erin, and I are hitting up the Urban Craft Uprising winter show at the Seattle Center. This event (Dec 5th & 6th this year) has become one of our favorite holiday traditions. I love this craft fair and have bought so many awesome things at past events. I’ve found awesome jewelry, wallets, wall art, delicious treats, and more. Great way to get shopping done for many people on your list and support independent artisans.
Get out your battery operated lights and visit Olympic Sculpture Park the night of December 17th for SAM Lights. There will be live music, art activities, and a light installation. I’m planning on lighting my outfit to be part of the fun. Facebook event page here. Oh, did I mention it’s free? Thanks, SAM!
P.S. Don’t forget “The Atomic Bombshells…Lost in Space” is Nov 19 – 21!
What events in November and December are YOU looking forward to?

$4 tickets to new musical “Waterfall” at The 5th Avenue Theatre

Special offer for RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP tickets to see new musical Waterfall at The 5th Avenue Theatre. The writers want feedback from theatre-loving audiences! Click here to claim your $4 tickets. I’ve been told this show is beautiful! If you attend, come back to this blog and share your review in the comments below!

Tickets, here. See it October 2, 3, or 4!

jim cox

About the show:

Based on the contemporary Thai novel Behind the Painting, this tempestuous romance is set in 1930s Thailand and Japan as the monarchy crumbles with Japan on the brink of war. In this turbulent time, a young Thai student and the American wife of a Thai diplomat fall into forbidden love whose dangers parallel the shifting world around them.

Also this week (on October 1):

Check out First Thursday (also opening day/night) for “Intimate Impressionism from the National Gallery of Art” at Seattle Art Museum from 10am –  9pm.


AND the happens-only-twice-a-year free South Lake Union Art Walk from 5 – 8pm.

slu cover

Image credits:  via 5th Avenue Theatre (Jim Cox) / via Seattle Art Museum “Picking Flowers” by Auguste Renoir, 1875. visitsam.org/impressionism/ South Lake Union (Jess Bruels)

Help Save a Life! Getting Registered is Quick, Easy, Free, and Pain-Free

Until this summer, I didn’t realize how easy it was to become a potential bone marrow or blood stem cell donor. I thought you had to go into a hospital to get a painful test just to find out your type. This is NOT the case! You can do it from home and the test is free AND pain-free.

Friends and readers, I implore you to take a moment and get yourself registered as a potential donor for people in need of bone marrow and blood stem cell donations. Simply visit the Delete Blood Cancer site and take a quick quiz to see if you are eligible. If you are, request a home test kit to be sent to you. Then you just use the swabs they send you (rub them inside your mouth as directed) and mail them back. It’s really that simple. No cost to you and takes nearly no time. This could SAVE A LIFE.

It’s incredibly hard to find a match for people in need of blood marrow and blood stem cell donations, but if we all register, we can help each other. In 75% of donation cases, it’s very similar to donating plasma (where they take your blood, whirl it around to separate out what they need, and then give it back to you).

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.48.15 PM

The Delete Blood Cancer has a great FAQ page (answering questions like “Does donating hurt?” and “What’s the difference between bone marrow and blood stem cells?”) and they are also available to take your questions.

Special thanks to Amanda Zurita for introducing me to Delete Blood Cancer. When I visited her Instagram account, I read this in her bio:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.24.53 PM

As a fellow auntie, I couldn’t help but click through and register. Let’s do this. Let’s all get registered. For Amanda’s cutie nephew and all kids and adults everywhere in need. There are so many illnesses that we can do nothing about, but this is not one of them! Just think of the happiness you’ll bring to so many if you’re able to save a life. Thanks to all my friends who have already registered, and Amanda for the inspiration and education. Join us.

NYC Artist Ryan Scully in “Circle of Friends” Exhibition at Tacoma’s Fulcrum Gallery

One of my favorite painters, Ryan Scully, will be visiting Tacoma this week for the opening of a group exhibition, Circle of Friends (from Brooklyn to Tacoma) at Fulcrum Gallery. Join me in seeing the work of this talented artist in person.

I’ll be attending the opening reception on Thursday night (September 17) from 6 – 9pm. There will be an artist talk on September 18. The exhibition runs through November 15. More info on their Facebook event page.

Ryan’s art is stunning online but you’ll see just how extraordinary it is, once you’re up close in person. His work draws out a sense of wonder in the viewer, inviting us to discover other worlds and emotionally connect with abstract forms.

Maxfield & Harriman smaller

“Maxfield & Harriman” by Ryan Scully, 20″ x 30″, oil on canvas, 2015.

“With the Eye of the Mind and the Back of a Mule” by Ryan Scully, 24×24 inches, Oil on Linen, 2015

Circle of Friends (from Brooklyn to Tacoma) is an exhibition of painting and drawing curated by Jeremy Mangan of Tacoma, WA. The show brings together artists Patrick Berran, Ben Grasso, Jean Pierre Roy, Ryan Scully, Shintaro Okamoto, and Jeremy Mangan who met and bonded through their artistic process in the early 2000s in Brooklyn, NY.

sending the barrels smaller

“Sending the Barrels” by Jeremy Mangan, 24×18 inches, oil and acrylic on panel, 2015

thesiegeofsyracuse smaller“The Siege of Syracuse” by Jean-Pierre Roy, 14×14 inches, oil on panel, 2015. 

Artist Ryan Scully currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Website: ryanscully.org.

Yup, that’s me in City Arts Magazine for Goodwill!

I’ve had fun this month hearing from friends that they spotted me in the Goodwill ad in City Arts Magazine (a free arts publication in Seattle):

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 4.12.49 PM

Thanks to my friend Joey at City Arts for thinking of me for this modeling gig! Did you know that Goodwill is a non-profit and proceeds from items sold in their stores benefit free job training and education for those in need? All the more reason to shop and donate to Goodwill over other (for-profit) used shops. Last year, Goodwill helped over 9,200 people!

Chiho Aoshima, Smash Putt, Spam Musubi & Costume Parties

In May, I was able to explore Seattle and enjoy life in the following ways:

I walked up the water tower at Volunteer Park to enjoy the view (after catching my breath – so many stairs!)


Experienced the awesome Chiho Aoshima: Rebirth of the World exhibition at the Asian Art Museum. I loved this show so much and am definitely going back.

chiho 1

Image: “City Glow” (detail) by Chiho Aoshima, visitsam.org/chiho.

Stopped smell the flowers at the Volunteer Park Conservatory

Introduced Morgan to my favorite dumpling place, Din Tai Fung in University Village. Their green beans are awesome.


Sang out with friends at Kate’s karaoke birthday party at Rock Box.

Hit up Smash Putt for a second time (wacky mini-golf! I think the Foosball one was my favorite)

Got a gold star from my dentist for brushing – no cavities! (If you’re looking for an awesome dentist, check out Dr. Sebek and tell her Keridwyn sent you.)

Watched “Far from the Madding Crowd” with some friends at Pacific Place. If you like Downton Abbey, you’ll probably enjoy this film.


Met Juvi’s new cat Niko. Meow.

Was unimpressed with dinner at Mamnoon – love getting mana’eesh za’atar to go at lunch but won’t be back there for dinner again. Bummer.

Enjoyed spam musubi and coconut shave ice from Marination ma kai with B, Paul and Erin after a short visit to Alki beach.


Supported Opulent Temple by attending the White Party fundraiser.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.48.43 PM

Photo by Noelle Smithhart

Celebrated my mom and sister in law for Mother’s Day.

Saw Jasper in Deadland at The 5th Avenue Theatre. I loved so many moments of this show – it has true potential but there were a few numbers and bits I think need cutting or adjusting before it really takes off.

Modeled for a photo shoot for Goodwill and City Arts. (I’ll share when it’s out!)

Took Brandon on a surprise date to see Janeane Garofalo, who is awesome live!

janeCelebrated my friends Jon and Melissa’s wedding.

Decided bikinis shouldn’t be just for the skinny minnies and bought myself a two piece.

Created a character, “Celeste Giobadi,” at a Space themed costume party.

Was unimpressed by Serious Pie on Capitol Hill. Did they change their crust recipe? Where did the salt go?

Books I read:

Left Neglected. From the author of Still Alice. Loved it!

Big Little Lies – decent beach read

Shows I enjoyed:

The Jinx. So addicting and well done.

Complimentary facials from skoah in Seattle and Bellevue

skoah has three new locations in our area (one in Bellevue, one in downtown Seattle, and one on Capitol Hill) and they are offering complimentary facials to Seattle and Bellevue area residents!

Snag your complimentary fitskin facial treatment ($85 value) here. No catch, just great skin.

I had my first facial at skoah at their downtown Seattle location earlier this year and loved the experience. Feel free to invite friends to my Facebook event page to help spread the word! Limited spots available.

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Note: I am being compensated for spreading the word about this offer, but received my complimentary facial earlier and loved it! As always, I only spread the word about businesses, products and experiences that I truly enjoy.

Fresh From Seattle: celebrate Seattle’s food scene with free ecookbook

Seattle Pockets welcomes back guest blogger Ginger Ahn

Some of the top names in the Seattle restaurant business have teamed up to create a cookbook showcasing the fresh flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Get your free copy here. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the launch party event and I was treated to some delicious samples from recipes in the book. The event had about ten dishes from the cookbook available to sample, and the chefs were there to discuss the foods they had chosen. After doing my due diligence, I selected my two favorites and I was surprised to see that they were not from our most famous chefs.

Favorite: Chorizo and Clam Fettuccini by Chef Sarah Lorenzen of Andaluca:


I was also lucky enough to be able to talk to Chef Sarah, and she proved to be very bubbly, energetic and fun. She’s a relative newcomer to Seattle at only a year and half into her time here, but she has already developed a love for the city and the fantastic local ingredients.

2nd Place: Razor Clam, Local Sausage, White Bean & Kale Stew by Chef Thomas Horner of  Hook & Plow:


As I talked to other guests throughout the evening, I found that this was not only one of my favorites, but the top one for many others as well. Personally, I don’t even like kale, so I was expecting to be unenthused about this dish, but it was so good, I finished every last spoonful in my bowl.

Part of why it was so delicious was likely the quality of the sausage in the dish. The meat that Hook & Plow uses is provided by Link Lab Artisan Meats, a local butcher shop that sources only from conscientious local farmers. The owner and operator of Link Lab, David Pearlstein, was also at the event, so I was able to have a long conversation with him about how he sources his meats. He struck me as an incredibly straightforward and dedicated craftsman who really does everything he can to provide meats that consumers can feel good about buying.

In addition to all the wonderful food, there were also some local wines, beers and ciders at the event.

Cider tends to be too sweet for me, but this friendly salesman for Tieton Cider convinced me to try their Apricot Cider. I have to admit it was pretty tasty. I may have even had a second glass since it went so well with the salty, savory dishes I was enjoying.  Just try it, it’s delicious:


Tieton Cider also has its own great story: the apples in the cider are all grown on the family-owned organic Yakima Valley farm where the cider is produced. They offer 11 different varieties of cider, each of which has won awards in different competitions. Be sure to download the cookbook, and try the recipes for yourself!


Free Rides from uberX 6/18 – 6/20

The Uber app is one of my favorites. For those moments when you need a car pickup and don’t trust the cab company to tell you an accurate time before your car will arrive (or worry it’ll get snagged by someone else, or you’ll get a bad or rude driver), Uber is the way to go.  You don’t need cash in hand, either – the app bills your credit card directly – including tip.  I love being able to see how far away the car is before I call it, then watch it on the app as it comes my way. It even texts you when the car has arrived. Such a killer service.

uberX is Uber’s most recent creation. Uber originally launched with black town cars. Now uberX offers a lower cost option with hybrids picking you up (still very nice rides and drivers).

uberX is celebrating Summer this week by offering FREE rides (up to $20!) from 6am Tuesday 6/18 until 11:59pm Thursday 6/20! Details on their blog. (Love the pics with my pals Stephen & Jess!)

New to Uber? Sign up here! 



Guest Post: Free vibes this weekend

Guest blogger: Naomi Rogers. Please note: this blog post contains adult content.

The Northwest Women’s Show is a gigantic exhibition where you can pick up a ton of free samples from vendors, meet firefighters, listen to psychics, TV “housewives” and radio hosts…ok, for me, it’s all about the free swag.  It’s coming back March 2nd to the CenturyLink Events Center and this is the year to go. How come? Two words: free vibrators.

What’s the buzz? (Sorry.) Well, Trojan is giving away thousands of free vibrators at the show.  You can swing by booth 1314 to pick up a free Trojan Tri-Phoria or Pulse (value $30-$40) until they run out. Look for the purple “pleasure cart” (no, I did not make up that name and, yes, they are modeled after hot dog carts).

Can the condom king create a good vibrator for women? Swing by the NW Women’s Show and find out for yourself (later).

Disclaimer: Trojan provided the guest blogger with a sample of these products in exchange for sharing this info. No review to follow, as it’s not that kind of blog.