Hamilton Exceeds Expectations! Now through March 18.

I was prepared to be a little let down by Hamilton. I knew it would be a great show, with such incredible rave reviews and tickets flying out of the box office so fast. But with all the praise and excitement around the show, would it meet my high expectations? I’m happy to share that “Hamilton” not only met but exceeded expectations and had me glowing for days. I don’t remember any show sparking as much post-performance conversation as Hamilton did. My husband Brandon and I compared our favorite moments, gushed about the choreography choices, debated which actors stood out the most for us, and were both in awe of the entire production.
Easily one of the top three musicals of all time, the stage stays alive with continuous song and dancing. The company carries the energy of the show along, with movements on the side of the main action, painting a visual picture of the emotion of the characters on stage, showing through dance both what is being said and what is left unsaid. This cast’s ensemble is incredibly strong as they work together to perfectly tell the tale and keep the audience transfixed from start to end.
I went into this show without listening to the soundtrack, only knowing the style of the music and the catchy “My Shot” number. I worried that the sound quality or fast-paced nature of the music would make it hard for me to follow along. I kept my reviewer tickets a secret from Brandon until we walked to the Paramount that night and part of me wondered if that was a mistake. Should I have told him in advance so we could have spent time listening to the soundtrack? I thought of the times I’d seen shows where it was hard to understand and I’d wished I’d listened to the soundtrack in advance so I could follow along better. Luckily, and surprisingly, the actors were crystal clear and we were able to follow along incredibly well during the entire show, a true feat at the speed that they sing for many numbers.
This particular cast is incredible. There was no weak link, something you rarely find in any performance. At times, I noticed my jaw dropping in amazement. “Hamilton” is truly a remarkable show and I hope inspires a new generation of musical theatre writers to toss aside the tendencies to turn another movie into a musical and create something so new, so unique, and so enchanting.
There are select tickets available for some of the remaining performances and you can sign up for ticket alerts (The Paramount emailed today that more tickets were released for 2/21). If “Hamilton” tickets aren’t in your budget right now, you can also play the Hamilton lottery on the Hamilton app on your phone for your chance to purchase $10 tickets.
Some musicals get overhyped, but “Hamilton” simply isn’t one of them. I’m so grateful that we were able to see this glorious production and recommend it to everyone. “Hamilton” plays The Paramount in downtown Seattle now through March 18, 2018. Tickets here.
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Review: “Ibsen in Chicago” at The Seattle Rep through March 4th

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller:

The amazingly flawless casting of “Ibsen in Chicago” has gifted Seattle audiences with a funny, explosive, and memorable glimpse into trials and tribulations of some of Chicago’s early Scandinavian immigrants. Spot-on, powerfully engaging portrayals from every cast member, and wonderful direction by Seattle Rep’s Braden Abraham, earn this new production by David Grimm an A+. 

A zealous and heart-warming portrayal by Annette Toutonghi (Solveig); engagingly keen timing, wit, and perfection from R. Hamilton Wright (Per); escalating comedic skirmishes between Kristen Potter (Helga) and Hannah Ruwe (Elsa) – what more could you ask for? Add Christopher McLinden’s (Hennig) fortitude in attempting to ground his cohorts; and, the roguish, antagonistic moves of Allen Fitzpatrick (Pekka). There you have it: one incredible production.

Screenshot 2018-02-13 at 8.30.30 PM

“Ibsen in Chicago,” on the far lighter side of Ibsen, offers up this superlative play on words, an engaging display of befuddlement and a tangle of humanity. If you’re one who has deemed Ibsen as dark and dreary, you’ll want to give this new World Premier take on Ibsen a shot. Now through March 4 at Seattle Repertory Theatre. Tickets here.

Screenshot 2018-02-13 at 8.30.12 PM


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Photos by Alan Alabastro

Giveaway: Seattle Wine & Food Experience Grand Tasting in February

One of the most delicious and delightful weekends of the year returns February 22 – 24! The Seattle Wine & Food Experience will have you enjoying delicious bites and sips from incredible wineries, restaurants, food purveyors, and more. This tasty weekend offers three events: Comfort, Pop! Bubbles & Seafood, and The Grand Tasting! Here’s what The Stranger’s Julianne Bell had to say: “This annual extravaganza of all things edible and drinkable is an ode to gluttony in three parts. First up is Comfort, a festival of “feel-good foods and crafty brews,” complete with bars for French fries, Bloody Marys, hot toddies, and milk and cookies. Next, POP! Bubbles and Seafoodcapitalizes on the felicitous pairing of bubbles and bivalves with a celebrity shucking contest and over 30 sparkling wines from around the world. Finally, the Grand Tasting will showcase local and regional wines, beer, cider, spirits, and tastes from big-name Seattle chefs, with plenty of opportunities to watch demonstrations and meet artisan food producers.”

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Learn more about this weekend of amazing events on the Seattle Wine & Food Experience on their website.


Giveaway: Mamma Mia at The 5th Avenue Theatre!

Unleash your inner “Dancing Queen” with The 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of “Mamma Mia!” This Seattle production features a jaw-dropping talented cast, including the incredible Sarah Rudinoff and Lisa Estridge. I can already sense the feel-good shivers and pure joy we’ll experience during the show as we hear these two alongside the fabulous Kendra Kassebaum, who plays the lead. Yes, Seattle has seen this show before but it’s NEVER seen it like this. The direction is bound to be amazing and the sneak peeks of the production are so much fun. (Check out this video of one of their very early rehearsals together.)   If you like the musical (or even just the songs of ABBA), GO.

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PS You love the songs of ABBA! That’s fantastic! Please stick to mouthing along silently to the songs instead of singing along (unless the cast directs you to do differently, as they likely will during the curtain call or encore). Your fellow audience members paid to hear the actors on stage and they can’t do that if you’re singing from your seat. Yes, you’re adorable! Yes, the songs are fabulous. So THANKS in advance for being respectful by waiting until after the show to belt the songs at karaoke!

Giveaway ends 11:59pm Pacific Time 2/3/18. Prize is two tickets to see Mamma Mia on February 6, 7, or 8, 2018.

Review: “Peerless” at ArtsWest through 2/11 inspired by Macbeth

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller

ArtsWest’s latest production, “Peerless,” written by Jiehae Park, is a take on Shakespeare’s classic “Macbeth.”  You won’t want to miss this show (on now through February 11) if you’re into dark and twisted comedy. Peerless is directed by Sara Porkalob, a rising star whose name is becoming well-known in the Seattle theatrical scene.

Facing the modern day dilemma of getting into the college of their dreams, two Asian-American sisters plot and advance, perversely, to ensure they will come out victors over all of their high school classmates. Their deadly approach to obtaining the only affirmative action spot is wild, convoluted, and crazy. 

Tickets here.

ArtsWest 2017-18 Peerless

ArtsWest’s show description:

Asian-American twin sisters M and L will do whatever it takes to win the one coveted affirmative action spot at “The College.” But when the thick acceptance envelope falls into the hands of D, a white male colleague who is 1/16th Native American, the sisters will stop at nothing to take back what is rightfully theirs – and eliminate anyone who stands in their way. Jiehae Park’s clever and incisive adaptation of Macbeth explores how the drive to succeed can become an all-consuming – and deadly – obsession.

“With its staccato rhythms, short scenes, and farcical characters, unlike any you’ve ever seen before onstage, it’s hard to know how to characterize this play, except to say that it’s unexpectedly wonderful.” – The Arts Fuse

Content note: Characters in this play make active use of offensive and derogatory language toward each other and other marginalized groups.

Giveaway: Seattle Restaurant After Hours

Do you need to network more but have found it hard to force yourself to go to networking events? What if the event was in a fun, playful setting and filled with delicious bites throughout the night? More interesting, right?
Mark your calendar for February 21, when one of the most popular and fun Seattle networking events, Restaurant After Hours at Seattle Aquarium. Check out the beautiful creatures in the venue and taste delicious treats from some of the area’s best restaurants, as you meet others and exchange business cards. It’s easy to use “What’s been your favorite bite so far?” as an opening line when meeting strangers when you network!
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Review: August Wilson’s Two Trains Running at Seattle Rep

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller:

“There’s a new president in the White House and racial tensions are on the rise. No, it’s not 2017, it’s 1969,” so notes the Seattle Repertory Theatre’s description of the timely return of August Wilson’s “Two Trains Running.” Wilson’s earthy portrayal of racial tensions in 1969 is a brilliant study of humanity in a broken society at large, not unlike today’s America.

“Two Trains Running” hones in on Pittsburgh’s Mecca Cafe regulars, all attempting to make sense of each other, community, and country while immersed in struggles during the Civil Rights era. Every member of this superb cast is exemplary and ever so convincing in bringing their character’s plight to the forefront. Nicole Lewis, in her role as the lone female waitress, is flawless!

Having experienced all of August Wilson’s Seattle Rep productions, “Two Trains Running” remains this reviewer’s favorite and is not to be missed. Playing now until February 11 at the Seattle Rep. Tickets here.