Nanda: Comedic, Acrobatic “The Jacket” opens tomorrow

Discount 10/14 & 10/15: 2 for 1

Review posted 10/13:

I was first introduced to the incredibly unique, comic, acrobatic talents of NANDA at a Moisture Festival event at ACT Theatre a few years back.  This group is like no other, combining comedic moments with martial arts, dance with juggling and video projection, with pop-culture satire thrown in for good measure.  I can’t wait to see this performance Friday night at Broadway Performance Hall and wanted to let you know about it now, before I post my review after the show.

NANDA presents “The Jacket”

A Kung Faux Ninja Circus Arts Extravaganza

Broadway Performance Hall
1625 Broadway, Seattle  

October 6-23, 2011
Thursday-Sunday at 8PM

$12-$20 (Youth/Senior prices included)
$25 at the door
Online Box Office: 


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