Guest Post: Free vibes this weekend

Guest blogger: Naomi Rogers. Please note: this blog post contains adult content.

The Northwest Women’s Show is a gigantic exhibition where you can pick up a ton of free samples from vendors, meet firefighters, listen to psychics, TV “housewives” and radio hosts…ok, for me, it’s all about the free swag.  It’s coming back March 2nd to the CenturyLink Events Center and this is the year to go. How come? Two words: free vibrators.

What’s the buzz? (Sorry.) Well, Trojan is giving away thousands of free vibrators at the show.  You can swing by booth 1314 to pick up a free Trojan Tri-Phoria or Pulse (value $30-$40) until they run out. Look for the purple “pleasure cart” (no, I did not make up that name and, yes, they are modeled after hot dog carts).

Can the condom king create a good vibrator for women? Swing by the NW Women’s Show and find out for yourself (later).

Disclaimer: Trojan provided the guest blogger with a sample of these products in exchange for sharing this info. No review to follow, as it’s not that kind of blog.

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