Spamalot (now through March 2) is a MUST SEE!

Hurry up and get yourself to The 5th Avenue Theatre to see their production of “Spamalot” before it’s gone. I doubt there will ever be a better production of this show anytime, anywhere. I was blown away by this hilarious show that does Monty Python justice – the cast is superb and brilliantly cast. The Broadway tour that came through town a few years back has NOTHING on this production.

Everyone who loves to laugh (except those of you who are easily offended by base humor) needs to see this show.

rich gray

The cast is incredible:

Greg Michael Allen will steal your heart as “Patsy.” This treasured artist is our generation’s Danny Kaye and will warm your heart.

Allen Fitzpatrick’s straight man “King Arthur” is delightful and leads the cast with great talent and finesse.

Rich Gray, one of my all time favorite comedic actors, made me giggle throughout the show with his Mandy Patinkin like mustache.

Joshua Carter creates memorable performances as Prince Herbert and the Minstrel. I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw his photo as Seymour in program ad for the upcoming production of Little Shop of Horrors. I cannot wait to see him in this role in March. Perfect choice.

Laura Griffith, Matt Owen, Louis Hobson and Dane Stokinger are all fantastic as well. You must go see for yourself. Seriously, go. I’d tell you more but I’m short on time so leave you with these links to longer reviews of the show.

Puget Sound Business Journal review.

Seattle Times review

Seen the show and have a review I can share? Write in the comments or on my Facebook and I’ll update this blog post with a quote from YOU!

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