Lady Rizo sizzles in Teatro Zinzanni’s “The Hot Spot”

You have a month to see Teatro Zinzanni’s production of “The Hot Spot” starring incredible talents here in Seattle. Go!

If it’s been a while since you’ve headed inside the big tent at Seattle Center, this is the show to go back for. Lady Rizo has been a favorite performer of mine for some time (we were first introduced to her live shows through a friend we met at Moisture Festival) and she sizzles and shines in this production. She will make you laugh. She make your jaw draw drop.  A true performance artist, she combines talented vocal ability with an off-center weirdness that will enchant you.

Lady Rizo (Photo: Keith Brofsky)
Lady Rizo (Photo: Keith Brofsky)

Dreya Weber is gorgeous, delightful and captivating. Her aerial work is powerfully lyrical and will linger in your mind long after the show is over.

Frank Ferrante as Caesar can do no wrong. Quick on his feet when bantering with the audience, Ferrante continues to keep the crowd giggling throughout the night with his stuttering catch phrase and odd-ball intensity.

Frank Ferrante as Caesar (Photo: Keith Brofsky)

Sadly, the Dick and Mitzy routine falls short. This duo has a cute routine but it’s tired and has appeared in multiple TZ productions. While it’s fun to see characters return to the tent in TZ shows, this act was nearly identical to what we’ve seen before. If TZ wants to attract locals and not just tourists, they need to keep things fresh and new. The performers are so cute, it’s a shame they’re going back to the same material over and over again. I’m not sure if this is a performer choice or directorial choice, but this part of the show disappoints (unless you’ve never seen a TZ show).

No matter, the rest of the production will keep you entertained, including the talented Joel Salom (whose on-stage chemistry with Lady Rizo is adorable) and the breathtaking, sexy duo Vertical Tango.

Vertical Tango (Photo: Keith Brofsky)
Vertical Tango (Photo: Keith Brofsky)

Details and tickets, here. 

The Hot Spot plays now through June 7.

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