NYC Artist Ryan Scully in “Circle of Friends” Exhibition at Tacoma’s Fulcrum Gallery

One of my favorite painters, Ryan Scully, will be visiting Tacoma this week for the opening of a group exhibition, Circle of Friends (from Brooklyn to Tacoma) at Fulcrum Gallery. Join me in seeing the work of this talented artist in person.

I’ll be attending the opening reception on Thursday night (September 17) from 6 – 9pm. There will be an artist talk on September 18. The exhibition runs through November 15. More info on their Facebook event page.

Ryan’s art is stunning online but you’ll see just how extraordinary it is, once you’re up close in person. His work draws out a sense of wonder in the viewer, inviting us to discover other worlds and emotionally connect with abstract forms.

Maxfield & Harriman smaller

“Maxfield & Harriman” by Ryan Scully, 20″ x 30″, oil on canvas, 2015.

“With the Eye of the Mind and the Back of a Mule” by Ryan Scully, 24×24 inches, Oil on Linen, 2015

Circle of Friends (from Brooklyn to Tacoma) is an exhibition of painting and drawing curated by Jeremy Mangan of Tacoma, WA. The show brings together artists Patrick Berran, Ben Grasso, Jean Pierre Roy, Ryan Scully, Shintaro Okamoto, and Jeremy Mangan who met and bonded through their artistic process in the early 2000s in Brooklyn, NY.

sending the barrels smaller

“Sending the Barrels” by Jeremy Mangan, 24×18 inches, oil and acrylic on panel, 2015

thesiegeofsyracuse smaller“The Siege of Syracuse” by Jean-Pierre Roy, 14×14 inches, oil on panel, 2015. 

Artist Ryan Scully currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Website:

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