Giveaway: Fremonster Spectacular 10/29

As someone who loves to attend costume parties year-round, it will come to no surprise that October is one of my favorite months of the year!
This year, I’ll be heading to Seattle’s quirky Fremont neighborhood for Fremonster Spectacular! Some of my favorite mashup DJs are spinning that night (Bootie Mashups’ DJ Mysterious D and DJ Maxx Destrukt), so the music is going to be awesome. A few of us are using “mashups” as our costume inspiration (I’m going as “Ewok like an Egyptian”).
I’ve never been to the venue—Fremont Foundry—but I’m excited to check it out. There will be performances from Zepto Space, my friends at Midnight Cirkus, and Pro Go-Go throughout the night. Learn more about these fabulous performers and DJs and everything the event has to offer here.
Want to enter to win a pair of tickets to Fremonster?
Tickets here. (If you buy tickets now & you win the giveaway, you can gift or sell a pair to a friend!) Fremonster is a fundraiser for artSEA (no relation to the arts community hashtag we started in 2012, but looks like a great org!)
I’ll also be attending the Black Cat Bash this Saturday, October 22 at Studio 7 and the Halloween Disco Dance at Century Ballroom on Friday, October 28, if you’re looking for more reasons to dress up!

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