See “King Charles III” at Seattle Rep (now through December 18)

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller:

On the heels of England’s recent Brexit upset and turmoil, as well the United States’ current presidential election upheaval, Mike Bartlett’s provocative “King Charles III” takes the audience to yet another grappling, politically charged scenario.

Imagine, if you will, a futuristic projection following the death of Great Britain’s soft spoken Queen Elizabeth II. While Charles III is destined/determined to reign as King of England, his ineptitude in working with Parliament, the British Prime Minister, and other political leaders quickly leads to a national crisis. Not only do public riots ensue outside the castle walls, turmoil quickly encompasses the royal family within.

Daniel Ostling’s mammoth cathedral/castle/courtyard staging takes the audience to royal grounds. Spot on casting in roles as Kate (Allison Jean White), Prince William (Christopher McLinden), and Camilla (Jeanne Paulson). Rafael Jordan, as politically savvy courtyard Kebab Seller, delivers a comedic monologue comparing his kebabs to society at large.

Be sure to catch this timely, thought-provoking Tony Award-nominated play—now at Seattle Repertory Theatre through December 18, 2016. Tickets here



Photos by Michael Doucett.

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