Beautiful production of “Finding Neverland” on now through Jan 15 at The Paramount

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller

The technically glitzy, boldly creative stage production of “Finding Neverland takes the audience beyond “Peter Pan” to its inception in the life of J.M. Barrie. Barrie’s personal struggles, intertwined with the Llewelyn Davies family who served as inspiration for this 1904 hit, are portrayed minimally.

Barrie’s interaction with the Llewelyn Davies sons’ imaginative play opens doors for Barrie (flawlessly portrayed by Kevin Kern), the children, and their mother as they overcome tragedy to accept and “believe” in flight. As in Barrie’s “Peter Pan,” the children’s story transcends that of the playwright.


The Llewelyn Davies children’s rendition of “We’re All Made of Stars” was perfectly orchestrated and energetic.  Ben Krieger, Finn Faulconer, Mitchell Wray, and Jordan Cole shone in their various roles as the sons of Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and as destined inspiration for J.M. Barrie’s long-loved play and book.
Finding Neverland is playing now through January 15th at The Paramount in downtown Seattle. You can fly! Tickets here



Images via Finding Neverland tour

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