5 current & upcoming Seattle performances you won’t want to miss

There’s some great theatre happening in Seattle RIGHT NOW and some fantastic theatre and music performances coming up soon:
“Well” at Seattle Rep
“Well” is on now through March 5th so get out your calendar and get those tickets. “Well” is one of the best productions Seattle has seen in years! This show hilariously shatters the 4th wall to smithereens as Lisa (played incredibly believably by Sarah Rudinoff) reflects on her memories of dealing with an integrated community, health issues, and her relationship with her Mother (played by actor Barbara Dirickson who nearly steals the show and compliments Sarah’s Lisa perfectly). Bonus points for this show’s length: 1.5 hours with no intermission—love that! Brandon and I both shared with each other that this was our favorite piece of theatre we’d seen in many years. Show details and tickets here.  (Photo by Alan Alabastro)
MarchFourth Marching Band and Pimps of Joytime
This Thursday, March 2nd, one of my favorite Marching Bands, MarchFourth, is back at The Showbox! This is the band that Brandon joined on stage last year to surprise me with his marriage proposal! I was already a huge fan of this circus-y band, but of course am an even bigger fan now. Bring your earplugs, as it gets loud! Tour details here.
Lady Rizo at The Triple Door
If you’ve never seen the incredible vocal and comedic talents of Lady Rizo, get out your calendar and set a date to change this: April 19th. If you’ve seen this enchanting performer before, you’re probably clicking on the link to buy tickets right now. She’s won the Time Out London and Soho Theatre Award, a London Cabaret Award, and is a Grammy winner for a collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma. Lady Rizo pushes boundaries and makes your face hurt from smiling, then gives you goosebumps with her song-bird skills. Tickets here.
Cirque Du Soleil: Luzia
The next Cirque du Soleil show is Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico, a show that promises beautiful monarch butterfly visuals, circus magic, and spine-tingling music that will have you daydreaming about it for weeks after you attend the show. Brandon and I are going to take our niece (age 14). This will be her first time seeing a Cirque show—can’t wait! Tickets here.
Build Your Own Musical at Unexpected Productions
Improv theater requires a very special type of wit and talent. MUSICAL improv theater is even more impressive! “Build Your Own Musical” invites the audience to “cast, choreograph, write, direct and produce a variety of scenes, ably aided by a talented and incredibly versatile cast of Seattle’s finest improvisers. Then sit back and watch as those scenes are seamlessly—and hilariously—turned into a full-length musical on stage. Each performance boasts an entirely new production made up right on the spot, complete with song, dance, and story, for an ever-changing, always-entertaining night of comedy.” This is going to be great. Tickets here.
What upcoming performances are you most excited about? Would love your tips in the comments on on my Facebook page!

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