Treat yourself to “Dreamgirls” in Issaquah or Everett!

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller:

Village Theatre’s presentation of “Dreamgirls” brings this Tony and Grammy Award-winning musical to life with a strong and dynamic cast throughout. If you’re unfamiliar with the rise of rhythm and blues, from the African American community into mainstream entertainment, you’re in for a bit of valuable history.



The agility and musicality of this wildly, wonderful cast portray the music industry at its best and at its worst – those embarking upon careers with talent and heart and those determined to exploit them at the highest level.

A true standout in this production was Angela Birchett (Effie White) and, most notably, her incredibly powerful rendition of “(And I’m Telling You) I’m Not Going.” Nathaniel Tenenbaum’s brilliant antics as James “Thunder” Early kept the theatre ringing with laughter. Ensemble dance routines with various instruments proved mesmerizing, as did many of the elegant costumes and costume changes. 


“Dreamgirls” plays Village Theatre in Issaquah through July 2 and will play July 7-30 in Everett.


Photos by Mark Kitaoka.

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