Review: “The Who and the What” shares the story of a Pakistani family in America

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller of “The Who and the What” (by Ayad Akhtar) production at ArtsWest:

The Who and the What” deals with a Pakistani family’s conflicted cultural experiences in America. This struggling family provides a painfully (oft times humorous) intimate glimpse into misunderstandings and divisiveness encountered by many who strive to smoothly transition into foreign territory.

The amazing foursome cast in this play was totally plausible, incredibly strong, and equally talented. Hats off to Monika Jolly, Haley Alaji, Abhijeet Rane, and Andre Nelson.

This intro into the 2017-2018 ArtsWest season runs now through October 1, 2017, with a most promising lineup of productions to follow. Contemporary technical theatre at its best!

Tickets and more info here.

Photo by Michael Brunk /

Video from ArtsWest about the show:

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