Review: “Peerless” at ArtsWest through 2/11 inspired by Macbeth

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller

ArtsWest’s latest production, “Peerless,” written by Jiehae Park, is a take on Shakespeare’s classic “Macbeth.”  You won’t want to miss this show (on now through February 11) if you’re into dark and twisted comedy. Peerless is directed by Sara Porkalob, a rising star whose name is becoming well-known in the Seattle theatrical scene.

Facing the modern day dilemma of getting into the college of their dreams, two Asian-American sisters plot and advance, perversely, to ensure they will come out victors over all of their high school classmates. Their deadly approach to obtaining the only affirmative action spot is wild, convoluted, and crazy. 

Tickets here.

ArtsWest 2017-18 Peerless

ArtsWest’s show description:

Asian-American twin sisters M and L will do whatever it takes to win the one coveted affirmative action spot at “The College.” But when the thick acceptance envelope falls into the hands of D, a white male colleague who is 1/16th Native American, the sisters will stop at nothing to take back what is rightfully theirs – and eliminate anyone who stands in their way. Jiehae Park’s clever and incisive adaptation of Macbeth explores how the drive to succeed can become an all-consuming – and deadly – obsession.

“With its staccato rhythms, short scenes, and farcical characters, unlike any you’ve ever seen before onstage, it’s hard to know how to characterize this play, except to say that it’s unexpectedly wonderful.” – The Arts Fuse

Content note: Characters in this play make active use of offensive and derogatory language toward each other and other marginalized groups.

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