Don’t miss new musical “String” at Village Theatre

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller

The new World Premier musical, String, strikes a light-hearted note when Zeus banishes three mythological sisters from Mt. Olympus to the modern world. The Fates, who preside over birth and life of humans, find their “work” in a metropolitan office skyscraper jeopardized when Atropos (played to the hilt by Jessica Skerritt) and Mickey’s (played with humility and sparkling humor by Eric Ankrim) star-studded paths cross.


String’s entire cast is sensational in its comedic timing and fresh approach to demanding roles. Notably charming is Sara Porkalob (Clotho) who is clearly making a big splash on the Seattle theatre scene in many facets. The show tunes are fun, catchy, and tantalizing – very simply unique and engaging with electric violin, electric viola, and electric cello accompaniment.


Director Brandon Ivie has presented Village Theatre and Everett Performing Arts a winner with this production (book by Sarah Hammond and music and lyrics by Adam Gwon). You’ll want to experience String for yourself.

Tickets available now for String at Village Theatre in Issaquah (now until April 22) and in Everett (April 27 – May 20). 

Photos by Mark Kitaoka


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