Skylight at ACT is a contemporary gem

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller:

Skylight is a contemporary gem, currently wowing audiences at ACT’s fetching theatre-in-the-round. Significant productions, such as ACT’s timely Skylight, explain how and why Seattle’s theatre scene has become one of the most celebrated in the nation.  Every detail in ACT’s Skylight is perfection from the moment Elinor Gunn enters the stage until the lights cease to illuminate.

Skylight’s playwright, Sir David Hare, is celebrated for his portrayal of chasms within political systems that contribute to society’s destructive inequality. In tandem with Sir David Hare’s writings, John Langs’ sensitive direction has achieved his goal of providing audiences “an opportunity to feel a sort of bittersweet reckoning with how ideologies can drive people together and push them apart.”

Elinor Gunn (as Kyra) exquisitely commands the stage in all of its modesty and ingenuity – welcome to the aroma of spaghetti bolognese cooking onstage! Equally commanding in their roles, Daniel Gerroll (as Tom Sergeant) and Michael Monicatti (as Edward Sergeant) share escalating tension and passionate perspective. John Langs’ teaming of Gunn, Gerroll, and Monicatti is impeccable. Skylight literally sizzles as these three delve into, and question, bygone ties that once bound them to each other.


Skylight is profoundly relevant to current issues and most worthy of serious discussion. Grab your friends, and your tickets, now for performances through September 30, 2018.

ACT-Skylight 008 Media copyACT-Skylight 052 Media copy

Photos by Chris Bennion

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