Review: “A People’s History” at Seattle Rep provides and entertaining & educational window into our country’s history

Review by Maren Hassenger:

The show A People’s History at Seattle Repertory Theatre is an 18 part series of monologue following the book “A People’s History of the United States”  by Howard Zinn. A heavily political piece weaving the present into the past, actor Mike Daisey provides an entertaining, and sometimes uncomfortable, window into our country’s history. Each evening is a separate chapter in the book, so the more you go, the more you learn!
Daisey is fearless in calling his audience out, highlighting the similarities in the struggles, bias, racism, sexism, and greed of our current world with the United States of the past. He expertly weaves quotes from the book, the unsung voices from the past, in with personal opinion, and current events. It’s a fascinating show and incredibly well done, but be prepared for an hour and a half of hard truths, new insights, and great food for thought.

Each chapter of A People’s History is approximately 90 minutes with no intermission. Disclaimer from the theatre’s website “Please note: This show contains unrestricted language and American history.”

The New York Times wrote about Mike Daisey, “One of the finest solo performers of his generation.”  “What distinguishes him from most solo performers is how elegantly he blends personal stories, historical digressions and philosophical ruminations. He has the curiosity of a highly literate dilettante and a preoccupation with alternative histories, secrets large and small, and the fuzzy line where truth and fiction blur. Mr. Daisey’s greatest subject is himself,” The New York Times describes.

“Mike Daisey is a brilliant storyteller working on an epic scale,” Seattle Rep Artistic Director Braden Abraham comments. “We’re thrilled to welcome him back to Seattle to present this provocative, relevant, and engaging new work with our Pacific Northwest audiences – this is one to come back for again and again.”

A People’s History plays The Seattle Repertory Theatre now through November 25, 2018. Tickets here.

Photo by Sabrina Fonseca.jpg

Photo by Sabrina Fonseca

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