Exhilarating, fast-paced “In the Heights” hip-hops its way into the hearts of Seattle Rep audiences (now through December 30)

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller:

With music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, “In the Heights” is riveting Seattle Rep’s audiences with the same powerful punch that “Hamilton” delivered when it played Seattle earlier this year. “Heights” captivating fast pace is a major draw to the success of this production.

Artfully crafted staging allows New York’s Washington Heights’ barrio to spring to life with its engaging characters, colorful street fare, and impressive rooftop orchestra. The musical number “Carnaval Del Barrio” has the audience swaying in their seats to the spirited rhythms of Caribbean-style street dancing. “In the Heights” cast of mesmerizing rap and hip-hop dancers are, undoubtedly, introducing many audience members to a whole new genre of music and theatre. (I’d encourage anyone unfamiliar with “In the Heights” to snag the soundtrack and listen carefully prior to theatre attendance.)

“In the Heights” is extraordinarily timely in its ability to highlight basic needs of all immigrants, regardless of place of origin. As with every generation of newcomers to  American shores, these Latinx artists provide a rare glimpse into their struggles for acceptance, love, dignity, community, and humanity.

In the Heights” offers up tremendous heart and soul, guaranteeing you truly don’t want to miss this dynamic performance. Tickets for many performances (through December 30) are already selling out so get yours now. 




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