Review: Join in the fun with “I Do! I Do! A Musical about Marriage” at Village Theatre in Issaquah and Everett

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller

Off to a bit of a slow start, “I Do! I Do! A Musical about Marriage” at Village Theatre quickly escalates to the oh, so risque wild side – well, if you reflect on the fact that you’re experiencing a marriage begun in the staid and proper year of 1898. Kendra Kassebaum (Agnes) and Peter Saide ( Michael), the delightfully talented cast of two, keep the audience laughing, pondering, and reflecting on fifty years of matrimony in all of its intimacy and buffoonery.

As Director/Choreographer Michael Arnold states, ” ‘I Do! I Do!’ is an inviting reminder that although some things change, good and bad, some things stay the same.” Tidbits of conversation during intermission, and in departing the theatre, testified to the fact that long-time relationships today share many more traits with their ancestors than one might imagine.

The superb orchestra, directed by Bruce Monroe, was a standout in accompanying Kassebaum and Saide throughout the show. The number “A Well Known Fact” reminds us of how far we’ve come from the completely chauvinistic 1800s, while the thoroughly engaging “Flaming Agnes” proves, even then, there were women (Agnes, for one) who cleverly rebutted chauvinism with grace and aplomb.

As with so many shows at Village Theatre, the creative sets were most intriguing and inviting. You’ll see what I mean when you catch “I Do! I Do!” for yourself. This production is great fun. Bring your elders and encourage them to tell you their stories! Tickets available now through February 24, 2019 at Village Theatre in Issaquah and March 1 – 24, 2019 at Everett Performing Arts Center. Tickets here.


Photo by Mark Kitaoka 

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