Give a book (and maybe get some books)

I’d love you to join my book chain!

Here’s how it works:

You send one of my friends a book (from their wishlist or one you think they might like).

Then you invite friends of yours to the chain.

The friends THEY invite will send YOU books.

Message me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via my contact form to join in the fun.

Gift chains like this don’t always work, that’s true. But sometimes – often, in my experience, they work WONDERFULLY. One of my friends recently let me know she received 7 new books this way.

Evenif it hits a dead end, we have the joy of sending someone a book they will enjoy! And it’s likely you’ll delight in the joy of being gifted new books (you can choose to have the gifter choose something from your list or surprise you). Happy reading!

Photo by Jaredd Craig (used w permission)

Virtual Theatre, Networking, a Fab Movie, Pet Support & Approachable Scientists (Weekly Roundup)

It’s time for a Weekly Roundup! I’ve gathered up some stuff that I think you’ll enjoy or you’ll benefit from:


Seattle Rep’s “Plays in Process.” Support this vibrant local theatre and get a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process in this 5-part video series.

MoPop “So Bad It’s Good” Movie Series. Every second Saturday, every one of this all-virtual series will “feature a special guest who will fight for the legitimacy of their favorite flop. Audience participation is highly encouraged — attendees can sound off in the chat and heckle (or praise!) the current movie.” Con Air and Catwoman are just two of the movies they’ve picked.

Want to network with others? The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is hosting a FREE online networking event, using breakout rooms on zoom to create an online version of their popular (and effective) “Toast of Seattle.” You’ll be in breakout rooms and go around the space sharing what you do for just a couple minutes, listen to everyone else share, then get reassigned to 2 more breakout rooms, so you leave the event having met a lot of people in a fun, effiecient way. Bonus points for this system that allows everyone time to talk! Event is January 21. Free, registration required.


@KingGutterBaby. Not the IG handle you’d expect from an Infectious Disease Researcher. She’s approachable, super helpful, fun and funny, and has a wealth of knowledge around Covid19, vaccines, etc. I recommend checking out her “Stories” (round image on top left) and Highlights (round images in the center above her square posts) the most as that’s where she keeps most of the best content.

@kinggutterbaby’s posts are a highlight of my days, for real

@HubermanLab. Like approachable neuroscience? Me too. His IG lives, stories, and reels are great. BONUS NEWS: Andrew Huberman also started his own podcast this month (if you like looking at him while he talks, you can view it on his youtube channel). I also really loved his interview with Rich Roll.

Instagram Tip #1: If you hold your finger on your screen when watching stories/highlight photos, it will pause on the image you are on so you can read it!

Instagram Tip #2: You can view Instagram accounts, stories, highlights, etc without signing up for an account! Just visit the user’s url (such as


Folks who are experiencing financial hardship and have a pet: the Seattle Humane Society has a Pet Owner Assistance Fund. More info on their Community Outreach programs can be found here. Thanks Brittany R. for sharing this with me. “Seattle Humane has a 120-year history of saving and serving pets in King County, with over 10,000 animal lives touched in 2020. This year is no different, and we are expanding our programs to help pet owners in need – to provide them with pet food, supplies, and veterinary care – so that they can keep their pet in their loving home despite hardship.”

Photo by Kasya Shahovskava


If you have access to Prime Video streaming service, grab a la croix or bowl of popcorn and buckle up as you hit play on the filmed version of the stage play “What the Constitution Means To Me.” It’s funny, witty, emotional, all-of-the-feels, and electric. Enjoy the brilliant writing and performances. You should absolutely watch it. I will probably watch it again (and I rarely rewatch things) with my “teleparty” crew.

Free Self-Reflection Tool

The free YearCompass is back, this time with a version specifically designed around experiences many of us faced in 2020. It is a lovely tool to reflect on the year past and look forward to the coming year. You can fill it out online or print it out to write on it and do as much or as little as you’d like. They suggest doing it all in one sitting, but I personally find that a bit tricky and have always enjoyed doing it in bite-sized increments (no surprise there!)

Photo by kristy.kate on IG

An Invitation

I’d love to invite you to join my free Facebook Group, Reframe Your Brain, where I share tips, resources and encouragement to help us live more content lives. Whether you’re looking to manage stress, lower your worries/anxiety, get motivated, or have related thought/feeling/behavior goals, it’s likely there’s something here that will help. If you’re not on Facebook, you can follow my Reframe Your Brain blog on Medium.

If there are “pockets” you’d like me to feature in a future Weekly Roundup, let me know! It can be your own endeavor or someone else’s that you just want more people to know about. Feel free to message me on Facebook or via my contact form.

Sending you love,


Check Your Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility with this easy tool (WA State)

If you live in Washington State, you can check your covid-19 vaccine eligibility with this quick form (and optionally sign up to get an email alert or text when you are eligible).

Fill out the form here:

Thank you, WA State Department of Health.

Please share this with everyone you know, especially those who may struggle with using social media and google search!

P.S. This is a very new experience for everyone, so continue to search updated information in WA State or your state, as things may change day to day or week to week. While I very much appreciate this tool, I’m still going to follow social media and stay on top of the news of eligibility in the coming days and weeks, as things may change and I don’t want to rely on just one communication system.

Wishing you all a safe and vibrant 2021.

Sidenote: If you have struggles with needles and want to work through that, hypnosis can help! I’ve helped many clients decrease their discomfort or fear of needles and would be happy to work with you:

Estimated timeline (shared 1/6/2021 by Gov. Inslee):

Favorite Fiction & Non-Fiction of 2020 + a new way of reading I’ve discovered I enjoy

Here are some of my favorite reads of 2020!
Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. This year I was lucky enough to have the time to read 35 books/audiobooks. Note: I use the term “reading” and “books” in this post to also include “listening” and “audiobooks.” This year, I used Scribd,* the Libby App & Seattle Public Library, bought a few, and got gifted some as presents and via my local Buy Nothing group.

Details on all the books can be found on my Goodreads page.

My 2020 Top 5 Favorite Fiction Books:

(Honorable Mentions go to The Hate U Give, The Nickel Boys, and Kindred.)

My 2020 Top 5 Favorite Non-Fiction Books:

(Breath, Burnout and Upward Spiral are all books I draw from in my upcoming “Worry Less & Manage Stress” Program. Honorable mentions go to The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel K. van der Kolk and Between the World and Me By Ta-Nehisi Coates)

Find these books and everything I have read on my goodreads page at

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Helpful way to regift holiday decor and more

by Keridwyn Deller

As you pack up holiday decor for the year, I recommend creating one bag or box of items that you want to regift – maybe it’s decorations you haven’t felt inspired to put out for a few years, maybe it’s ornaments that don’t “spark joy.” Put these items in a bag at the top of your holiday decor box. Then send an email to your future self to arrive in your inbox sometime between Nov 26 and Dec 1 next year, reminding you to list your holiday decor on your Buy Nothing group (or other gifting site) as people are decorating their homes for the holidays. It’s a kinder time to pass things on, especially to people who don’t want it now but will want it then!

I did this last holiday season and a man in my Buy Nothing group was so grateful to add some holiday cheer to his place this December. Gmail has a built in feature to snooze emails – just send an email to yourself now, then snooze it until Nov 26 next year! If you don’t have this feature, FutureMe provides a free way to email your future self.

I’ve also done this with seasonal items such as winter wear. Folks experience hardship at different times, losing their belongings, so gifting items at the times when people can most use them is so helpful!

If you were fortunate enough to get presents for the holidays, now is a great time to see what you no longer need or want as well. We got a new microwave for Christmas, so I’ll be listing our old one on our Buy Nothing group today.

Find your Buy Nothing Group here.

(Note: If you are in a place where you need something, Buy Nothing Groups are also a great place to ask!)

If you are gifting warm clothing and outdoor gear in decent condition, please consider donating to an organization that directly helps those experiencing homelessness. If you struggle finding one in your area and need help connecting with one, I’m happy to do some internet searching for you, just reach out.

Sending love to all!

Gift idea + support Book-It: “The Canterville Ghost” Audio Play

by Keridwyn Deller

Book-It Repertory Theatre is offering a lovely selection of audio plays this year, having pivoted to this safe style of performance during the pandemic. Their Winter Show is “The Canterville Ghost” by British wit Oscar Wilde. Consider gifting tickets/access to this audio play to your own household and friends and families who are celebrating from afar. You can even plan a time to listen together-yet-apart to bring more feelings of connection.

Three households in my family plan on listening to this audio play over the holiday week. We’ll likely be cozy in pajamas, listening by the fire (or virtual fire), with cups of hot cocoa or tea in hand. There’s something so lovely about the idea of turning off the tv and tuning into Book-it’s “The Canterville Ghost” audio play knowing so many of my loved ones are also listening, close at heart even though we are apart.

Book-It has made this play a suggested $15 and has also offered a Pay What You Can option for those on a tighter budget this year. Every dollar will help keep this wonderful theater going during these hard times.

In their own words, about the play:

He made me see what Life is, and what Death signifies, and why Love is stronger than both.”

“Oscar Wilde, one of our favorite wits and celebrated scoundrels, gives us an hilarious satire at the intersection of American and British sensibilities. Full of clever repartee and heartfelt charm, The Canterville Ghost succeeds as an amusing ghost story laced with romance and redemption.

Why We Chose This Story: For lovers of the cozy British mystery and a good holiday special, this classic ghost story is full of warmth, laughs, and great good fun.” – Book-It

Tickets here. You can also get tickets and listen to “Childfinder” by Octavia Butler or buy Season Tickets, which include access to all of Book-It’s audio plays and serials.

Santagories! Free Holiday-themed Scattergories-inspired game to play via Zoom this year

Happy Holidays! Scattergories via Zoom has been a fun way to connect with family and friends during the Pandemic. In prep for a Christmas when my fam will be celebrating in our own homes on December 24th & 25th I made this “Santagories” holiday version of the beloved game. I hope you enjoy it – simply share the screen on a zoom call with your family, chosen family, or friends.


Update 12/21: The third round!


Share your screen on zoom, everyone uses their own paper and pencil.

The official rules of Scattergories can be found here.

While they suggest a 3 minute timer, my family has found 4 minutes to be more comfortable and relaxed.

If you don’t have a Scattergories letter dice, you can use the random letter generator on Swellfargo (this is the site we use for most Scattergories games we play, thank you Swellfargo for creating so many lists!)

Enjoy playing those reindeer games, everyone! Sending you love, Keridwyn

P.S. I originally published this post two two rounds, asking for YOUR ideas for the third! Thanks to Amy, Brandon, and Suzie and her gaming buddies for your suggestions to help me fill out the last 12 prompts and for helping spread holiday cheer!

I may not be the most famous reindeer of all, but I do love those reindeer games.

Learn more about me via my links at

Giveaway: “Jingle All the Gay – A Very Virtual Queerantine Christmas”

by Keridwyn Deller

Audiences from all over can enjoy one of the best Burlesque / Drag / Cabaret / Comedy holiday performance shows this year, as “Jingle All the Gay” goes online. You can enjoy either on-demand watching or participate in one of the virtual viewing parties hosted by Kitten N’ Lou (an award winning duo and two of my favorite Seattle performers).

They are hosting a giveaway now!

Enter via Facebook here.

Enter via Instagram here.

(You can enter either or both ways.)

I’m so thrilled and impressed that they have been able to pivot to figure out how to bring this delightful show to audiences again this year, featuring an all-star cast of theater, burlesque, cabaret, dance, drag, and musical luminaries!  This is an important time to support the arts! Buy tickets here.

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Help keep them warm: Support YouthCare with coats or donations

By guest blogger Nicole Baade

As winter approaches, I’ve been thinking about how cold it’s getting outside, which makes me grateful for my home, warm clothes & heat. Not everyone has access to these three basic things, and this winter will be especially hard. Many organizations rely on winter coat drives to provide for the needy but, due to Covid, most of these events have been cancelled. It breaks my heart to think of all those who will go without.

You can donate to the YouthCare coat drive via:

Amazon Wish list

Donating a new or gently-used coat

Donate any amount via Venmo or CashApp

I’ve decided to team up with Seattle’s YouthCare to help offset the need for coats this winter. I’ve preloaded an Amazon Wishlist with different sizes and prices of winter coats which allows anyone to purchase a coat to donate. This wishlist gives the ability to select my address at time of purchase, and I will facilitate getting all donations to YouthCare.

Likewise, if you’re in the Seattle area and have any new or gently-used and washed coats (any size!), I’d be happy to come pick them up from your porch (no-contact) – just reach out to me directly via Instagram (or message Keridwyn and she’ll put us in touch).

If a full coat isn’t in your budget but you still want to help, I’m also accepting donations via Venmo (@nicole-baade) and CashApp ($NicoleBaade).
When we all help a little, we can cover a lot of ground. Thank you for helping this be a warmer year for those in need!

YouthCare’s Mission: “YouthCare works to end youth homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential.”

A guide for Seattle visitors from an AirBnB host during Covid19

My friend Liz Larsen is an AirBnB host (check out her lovely vacation rental, here) and she put together a Seattle guide for her guests. She’s shared this with me – here are some suggestions from her guide! Whether you’re visiting or live here, read on and enjoy exploring.

Greenlake – Photo by Liz Larsen

Guide by Liz Larsen:

Some Top Attractions open during Covid-19

Pike Street Market Located in downtown Seattle along the waterfront, this market has vendors in stalls in a covered market. As this is one of the top attractions in Seattle, it’s likely to be busy. It’s a fun place to visit while it’s raining outside. Find Rachel the pig in the market and add a coin. Watch the fish tossing! Buy a fun, handmade souvenir. 

Olympic Sculpture Park – Outdoor park with outstanding sculpture featuring some of the most recognized artists such as The Eagle by Alexander Calder. Masks suggested. Keep walking past the sculpture along the waterfront into Myrtle Edwards Park. A large enough park to get some distance and tiny pebble beaches where you can stick your toes in the water or have a grassy picnic overlooking the water. 

Fremont Troll – Every bridge needs a troll under it, right? The artists of Fremont thought so and created this fabulous troll. I won’t spoil the surprise, but take a look at what is under the troll’s hand. 

Kerry Park – A small park, this iconic park has the best view of Seattle with the Space Needle in the foreground. Stop in, take a picture, keep going. This is one of the stops on the Seattle Driving Tour. 

Ballard Locks – Going from the ocean and saltwater to Lake Union and fresh water, there are locks that raise and lower the boats. Fascinating the watch and a lovely place to visit. You can walk across the locks on the top, watch the water fill up or lower and the boats exit on the other side. On the far side of the locks are fish ladders where you can see different kinds of salmon swimming [upstream] to spawn between June and September.  

Woodland Park Zoo – A lovely 92-acre zoo with great animals, well-maintained and fun for all ages. Adults are $23.

Driving Tour of Seattle

Incorporating most of the top spot above into a driving tour that shows you the highlights of Seattle. If you visit all of these, it’s a 4+ hour tour depending on your exploration, all free.

Driving map:

  • Pike’s Place Market
  • Kerry Park overlook with fabulous view of the city
  • Fremont Troll under the bridge
  • Statue of Lenin – cool statue in Fremont
  • The Fremont Rocket- Another fun art piece, now a shop, in Fremont
  • Ballard Locks – boats being raised and lowered in giant locks (noted as Ballard on map)
  • Golden Gardens Park- Beautiful beach with a gorgeous sunset view
  • And back to home again! 
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