Italian Food, Breakdancing, and a Lost Slipper

SPRING is officially here!

Here are some of the highlights of my April:

Bunnycon! Brandon and I love a fun costume party and a bunny theme is always a fun way to say goodbye to winter.  We usually go to Bunnycon or Bunnarchy each year. We were able to meet up with other bunny friends along the route, see our friend Brad perform with his band and get in some day-dancing at Baltic Room. Here’s a photo of Nora and me:

Jess and I had hit up the tasty happy hour at Japonessa before seeing Lily Verlaine’s “Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland.” The duet between Trojan Original and Lily Verlaine was steamy and I became a new fan of performer “The Luminous Pariah” as the Cheshire Cat. MeYOW! Strangely enough, of all the costume pieces, I found myself wanting a mushroom hat the most:

Time with my nieces is always so wonderful. This month, we were able to check out the Pompeii exhibition at Pacific Science Center (closes May 25), design our own pizzas at Mod Pizza at the Armory in Seattle Center, then monorail to downtown to see the movie Cinderella. It was a packed but delightful day.

I worked out a few times to Daily Burn – I really like their beginner program and need to be more dedicated to working out frequently. I wish working out wasn’t such a challenge for me. Luckily, we had pretty good weather in April so I was able to fit in a lot of brisk walks. Gotta start somewhere, right?

We celebrated Melissa’s birthday with a trip to Moisture Festival – always such a delightful modpodge of performances.

A group of us got together for a Tuesday game night at Capitol Cider (they host a game night every Tuesday. Pick a game from their shelf or bring your own).

We celebrated Katie’s bachelorette party with a trip to Smash Putt (if you haven’t been: GO)! Think power tools meets creativity meets WTH meets mini golf. Get a little group together and go before it closes.

We had the gift of being a part of our friends Katie & Eli’s wedding and reception. Parsons Garden was a beautiful venue to gather and it was so lovely to see their happiness and love for each other and be a part of their commitment ceremony (and reception the next day). Here I am with the bride at their reception:

For our surprise date night, Brandon took us for mani-pedis (SO sweet – I rarely splurge on my nails and got a french shellac mani and pink “barbie” toes) and to dinner at Gnocchi Bar. Sadly we weren’t impressed, after hearing so much hype (and loving gnocchi). The atmosphere was too casual for the dining style and without adding a bunch of extras (price made sense for handmade but not for the simple grab your own silverware experience), the dishes weren’t too exciting. I had expected we would become regulars there, but no dice.

Babes on a boat! A group of us rented a boat from the Electric Boat Company. You can bring food and drink with you out on Lake Union and go quite far in two hours. We had a blast taking turns being the captain. Afterwards a couple of us went to my new favorite South Lake Union restaurant Osteria Rigoletto, which has a delicious happy hour. I’m definitely taking Brandon there for a date night soon.

Brandon’s coworker Julian invited us to join him at the Massive Monkees breakdancing competition at the Showbox. I am now a huge breakdancing fan! The crowd seemed so nice and the competitors were incredible! While I’m not the biggest fan of waacking (which evolved from vogueing), the rest of the styles were captivating. I need to find out what other competitions are happening around town soon.

I rediscovered (clearly I’d forgotten) that il Bistro in Pike Place Market has one of the best happy hours in town (twice daily). The portion size is good and the food is delicious. I asked if they had cucumber and they did and the bartender created a delightful cucumber vodka martini for me with a bit of a kick. Can’t wait for another excuse to go back there.

So much to celebrate this month. We wished our friend Chris well during his baby shower and shared some laughs with Sam, Sumit, Bayu and other friends in his cool “VIP” room.

We got to meet Rusty’s parents (in from Maine) this month. It’s always such a delight to meet friend’s families and get a different glimpse into who they are and who they come from. I thanked them both for raising their son, who has become a good friend of mine.

Though I got sick at the end of the month, I was able to find some joy in discovering Google Inbox (thanks B for the recommendation). Though I use it in tandem with Gmail in my browser, I really love the snooze and alert features. Inbox Zero is my new happy place! I was also mentioned on my favorite podcast “Good Job Brain” which made me nerd out with happiness as well.



I was feeling pretty “hermit-y” this month – the plus side of this is having extra time to read.

Ready Player One – even though I don’t have a huge knowledge of 80s video games, this adventure book (complete with lovable underdog hero) was a fun read. It’s going to make a great movie.

Left Neglected – a fast read from the author of Still Alice (which I loved – still haven’t seen the movie). The author, a neuroscientist, really brings you on the experience of the rare condition of “Left Neglect” – where a brain injured patient has trouble connecting that there is a left side to everything. It’s fascinating. While I enjoyed Still Alice more, I found myself looking forward to down time where I could come back to this book.


TV show I loved:

Garfunkel and Oates. I was so worried this show wouldn’t be true to their performers, but it seems like they got a great contract and writing team that really gets them. I loved this whole show and hope they’ll be back with a second season soon. If you’re not easily offended and need a laugh, check this series out. Here are puppet versions of these two great comedians:

Fun Splurge: Lash extensions from Swink Style Bar!


Thanks to all who helped make April a great month.

Lady Rizo sizzles in Teatro Zinzanni’s “The Hot Spot”

You have a month to see Teatro Zinzanni’s production of “The Hot Spot” starring incredible talents here in Seattle. Go!

If it’s been a while since you’ve headed inside the big tent at Seattle Center, this is the show to go back for. Lady Rizo has been a favorite performer of mine for some time (we were first introduced to her live shows through a friend we met at Moisture Festival) and she sizzles and shines in this production. She will make you laugh. She make your jaw draw drop.  A true performance artist, she combines talented vocal ability with an off-center weirdness that will enchant you.

Lady Rizo (Photo: Keith Brofsky)

Lady Rizo (Photo: Keith Brofsky)

Dreya Weber is gorgeous, delightful and captivating. Her aerial work is powerfully lyrical and will linger in your mind long after the show is over.

Frank Ferrante as Caesar can do no wrong. Quick on his feet when bantering with the audience, Ferrante continues to keep the crowd giggling throughout the night with his stuttering catch phrase and odd-ball intensity.


Frank Ferrante as Caesar (Photo: Keith Brofsky)

Sadly, the Dick and Mitzy routine falls short. This duo has a cute routine but it’s tired and has appeared in multiple TZ productions. While it’s fun to see characters return to the tent in TZ shows, this act was nearly identical to what we’ve seen before. If TZ wants to attract locals and not just tourists, they need to keep things fresh and new. The performers are so cute, it’s a shame they’re going back to the same material over and over again. I’m not sure if this is a performer choice or directorial choice, but this part of the show disappoints (unless you’ve never seen a TZ show).

No matter, the rest of the production will keep you entertained, including the talented Joel Salom (whose on-stage chemistry with Lady Rizo is adorable) and the breathtaking, sexy duo Vertical Tango.

Vertical Tango (Photo: Keith Brofsky)

Vertical Tango (Photo: Keith Brofsky)

Details and tickets, here. 

The Hot Spot plays now through June 7.

Stunning New Production of “Phantom of the Opera” at The Paramount Through May 10

Guest blogger: Sömer Davis (who took her son to the show for his 8th birthday).

Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera” is the best one I have seen yet.

The first detail that caught my eye was the costume design. From start to finish of the opera every costume for all characters was beautifully made and perfect for the time period the story takes place in. Comments could be heard from other audience members that their favorite costumes were from the “Masquerade” scene and I must concur.


The Company performs “Masquerade.” Photo by Alastair Muir.

Every actor that was cast played their part well, and the onstage chemistry between each of them was flawless. By far my favorites were Carlotta (played by Jacquelynne Fontaine) and Christine Daae (played by Katie Travis). Ms. Fontaine’s portrayal of Carlotta was spot on, her eye rolls and sassy looks could be scene from my seat and added to my enjoyment of her comic relief.

Jacquelynne Fontaine as Carlotta Giudicelli. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Jacquelynne Fontaine as Carlotta Giudicelli. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Ms. Travis had a gorgeous voice and her small stature added to the meekness of her character.

Chris Mann as The Phantom and Katie Travis as Christine Daaé. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Chris Mann as The Phantom and Katie Travis as Christine Daaé. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Lastly, the set design was by far the most innovative scene changes I have seen before, I would see the play again in a heartbeat just to see how they cast and crew made it all happen. All around this was an amazing show, and I look forward to seeing it the next time the Phantom of the Opera comes to Seattle.  

– Sömer

“Phantom of the Opera” plays The Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle through May 10, 2015. Tickets here. 

Women in Beer at Pike Brewing – Support a Great Cause during Seattle Beer Week!

I can’t believe this event has happened three times before and this is the first I’ve heard of it! Women in Beer is back at Pike Brewing on May 11th and you can bet I’ll be there.

For just $35, you’ll enjoy tastes from women-led breweries, cideries, bakeries, restaurants and more. The best part? The proceeds of this event benefit our area’s Planned Parenthood chapter!

You don’t have to be a woman to attend. This event is open to all (must be 21+).

Check out the event site for a full list of vendors.

I’m personally excited to try bites and sips from Finnriver Cider, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Tieton Cider Works and of course Pike Brewing themselves!


Invite your friends and grab your tickets to enjoy this tasty experience, all for a great cause! Let me know if you’re going – I look forward to seeing you there and comparing what we think are the best sips and bites of the night.

Learn more about Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest and all the good they provide our community, here.


Ponti: Delicious Seafood in a Comfortable Setting

One of my recent restaurant discoveries: Ponti Seafood Grill.

This place has a great atmosphere, a relaxed but professional staff that take great care of you and a stellar seafood menu. Brandon and I recently visited this restaurant for the first time to enjoy their Dine Around Seattle menu in March and to treat my parents to dinner, celebrating their 44th anniversary.

The Wild Mushroom Risotto was perfectly cooked. I had been craving risotto for a while (something I’ve never been able to get the hang of, cooking at home) and this hit the spot.


Mom was thrilled with her dish choice – Jumbo Gulf Prawn Linguini. r2

Not pictured – desserts that were so perfect it’s worth a trip back just for the sweets!

Photos via Ponti Seafood Grill

Blog hosting decisions

Well, it turns out Squarespace has some problems growth opportunities when it comes to their blogging platform. So I spent a little time finding a new WordPress template that I like and making a few changes here.

Seattle Pockets is alive and well…now over at my Squarespace site!

Click here to read my most recent blog posts. I look forward to connecting with you on my new site.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be working at redirecting my url, exporting my WordPress posts to the new site and other fun tasks that come along with changing blogging sites. Now I just need to find some extra spare time in these pockets of mine.


Moisture Festival continues through April 12

One of Seattle’s most unique and cheerful performance festivals is back! Moisture Festival is on now through April 12th.
My favorite performances over the years have been the Variete performances at Hale’s Palladium in Fremont. From comics on roller skates to musical acts, from  acrobats to performers who defy belief, this festival has an other-worldly feel that will have you leaving with a big smile on your face, thinking “What did I just see?!”
These shows are selling out, so grab your calendar, pick a date and buy those tickets, revelers! I’ll be checking out the show on Friday night.
Photo by Michelle Bates

Photo by Michelle Bates

Photo by Michelle Bates

Photo by Michelle Bates