Nordstrom Rack relocates to Westlake Center – grand opening 3/15

Last night I had the pleasure to check out the new location for Nordstrom Rack – downstairs in Westlake Center.  The space is much cleaner and well organized then their last location, creating a great flow for customers wanting to shop in multiple departments. The new 42,500-square-foot Nordstrom Rack features 30% more selling space and a larger selection of merchandise.  I walked away with a new pair of designer tights and a yellow clutch and had a fabulous time connecting with friends, meeting people in person that I’ve connected with through the twitterverse and blogosphere and chatting with some of the very friendly employees.  I especially enjoyed their men’s section, and suggested Brandon head back there to shop soon. Nordstrom Rack is an interesting mix of designerwear and great deals – on one rack, I could find shirts for $10 and hundreds of dollars.  If you know me, I’m a girl looking for a deal, not a label, and the Rack had a lot to offer.  Check out hashtag #RackOpening on Twitter for tweets from other attendees of the preview event.

Tomorrow, Nordstrom is hosting their grand opening event with refreshments, entertainment, and a chance for one person to win a 90 seconds shopping spree (remember the Toys R Us ones they had when we were kids? I always had the BEST dreams about those!). They’re also hiding Emerald Hangers throughout the store, each worth a $100 gift card. Check out the Facebook event page for details and follow them on twitter at @seattle_rack. shares even more information about the event than the Facebook event provides, here.

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