What are some of your favorite Capitol Hill businesses, restaurants and bars?

I’ve started a Facebook Interest list for Capitol Hill Businesses, Restaurants & Bars – who are some of your favorites that should make the list? Add to the comments below (or reply on Facebook or Twitter like you usually do!)

The first that come to mind for me are:

The Unicorn
  • Unicorn (a perfectly capitol-hill-quirky bar)
  • Century Ballroom (great place for all sorts of dance nights, including the ever-popular Salsa & Swing)
  • Grim’s (the way they make their dishes is non-consistant but almost always awesome. LOVE their french dip.)
  • Cha Cha – love the dark red floral design at the bar downstairs
  • Barrio (review coming soon – oh my god, their scallop dish was amazing!)
  • Molly Moon’s (since some people get mad if I don’t mention them! Ha! Their strawberry balsamic is fab. )
  • Annex Theatre
  • Melrose Market’s Homegrown
  • Remedy Tea (review coming soon – have you been?)
  • Other Coast Cafe (they deliver!)
  • Balagan Theatre

I’ll keep adding to the list! What’s YOUR favorite Capitol Hill business? If your favorite made the above list, give it some extra love with a shout out below.

Got a business who’d like to be linked to or added to the Facebook list? Contact me! 


  1. I love stopping by Cupcake Royale for a dessert after eating at Poquitos. Not food related, my favorite business is the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute…nothing like a little spa time, and they have the best deal on facials in the city!


  2. Canon has raised the bar (pun not intended) for cocktails on the hill. Spinasse is always on point. Liberty rocks it consistently with great drinks at great prices.


  3. Cake Spy gallery, Stitches fabric/yarn shop, SugarPill apothecary/food shop, Calf & Kid cheese shop, Hugo House, In the Bowl, Volunteer Park Cafe, Poppy, Five Fish Bistro (omg: fried pickles!) and if it counts, the Broadway Farmers Market.
    usually I don’t miss living on the hill, but it sure was easy to make this list!


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