Nordstrom Seattle Sale starts July 20th

If you are a Nordstrom fan, you probably already have their upcoming sale on your calendar for Friday, July 20th!

I hear from their twitter handle @NordstromSea that some Wacoal bras will be included in the sale and am pretty excited to pick up some new pieces of my own!

I was recently able to attend a Wacoal event at Pan Pacific Hotel and have been debating between which style to choose next  Which is your favorite? (Comment below or like your favorite on my pinterest board)


Check out The Ultimate Makeup blog for a colorful post of some makeup, clothing and shoe finds you can expect to see at Nordstrom!

Note: bras pictured above may not be available for sale at Nordstrom.  Wacoal has gifted me with a complimentary bra as a thank you for attending a recent event.

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