Don’t miss “These Streets” – Seattle original rock history show

These Streets at ACT Theatre has one weekend left and it is awesome. Go.

This original rock music play, inspired by the local Seattle grunge scene and the unsung women artists who lived it, is electrifying, funny, and powerful. I saw this Sunday night and was blown away.  We see the characters performed by two actors (their younger early-90s selves and the same characters today) with fabulous casting. Mostly perfectly cast dopplegangers and the one pair that isn’t visually a match make up for it with their awesome talent.  Part “Now and Then” part ROCK SHOW – this is one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in a long time.  Drag your friends who don’t like theatre but love seeing live music – they’ll thank you for it later. Though it doesn’t matter if your friends say they’re busy – go anyway. The direction is stellar, the script is a blast – educating, entertaining, and peppered with shout outs to local Seattle haunts of past and present.

I really want a couch/bar for my patio like the one they had in this show. The set rocks – when you sit down in your seats before the show starts, you feel as though you are looking at a genuine bar in Seattle.  And, ACT, let me know if you sell the pink jacket Sarah Rudinoff wears – it’s so off the hook! The costumes of the younger counterparts gave me some serious flashbacks (I totally had a fitted velvet dress I loved – remember those?) and make me really wonder why in the world that era is coming back in “style” according to some fashion folks. UGH. Keep that look in THESE STREETS, not our streets, people. Oh, whatever. Wear what you want. As long as it’s what you want, not what fashion mags tell you to want. (Sorry, /end rant.)

Props to Hollis Wong-Wear for her performance in this – she is clearly professional rock star material.  It was great to see Terri Weagant on stage as well – one of my favorite Seattle performers. John Q Smith as DJ and storyteller was engaging and soulful. And, the reason I got off my couch and into the theatre: Sarah Rudinoff. That woman is WOW, every time.


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