Free Rides from uberX 6/18 – 6/20

The Uber app is one of my favorites. For those moments when you need a car pickup and don’t trust the cab company to tell you an accurate time before your car will arrive (or worry it’ll get snagged by someone else, or you’ll get a bad or rude driver), Uber is the way to go.  You don’t need cash in hand, either – the app bills your credit card directly – including tip.  I love being able to see how far away the car is before I call it, then watch it on the app as it comes my way. It even texts you when the car has arrived. Such a killer service.

uberX is Uber’s most recent creation. Uber originally launched with black town cars. Now uberX offers a lower cost option with hybrids picking you up (still very nice rides and drivers).

uberX is celebrating Summer this week by offering FREE rides (up to $20!) from 6am Tuesday 6/18 until 11:59pm Thursday 6/20! Details on their blog. (Love the pics with my pals Stephen & Jess!)

New to Uber? Sign up here! 



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