Get a Lyft around Seattle – $50 Giveaway

I walk places, ok. I’ll walk downtown. I’ll walk to my friend’s place in South Lake Union. I’ll walk places on Capitol Hill. Oh, where on Capitol Hill? Hmm…that’s a little far…

Ok, you got me. I love taking a car to get around town. Especially on days when it’s raining. Especially if someone else is doing the driving so I don’t have to (hello, happy hour).

If you live in Seattle, you probably have seen cars with bright pink mustaches on them around town. These are Lyft cars. It’s a pretty cool concept – regular people with (clean, nice) cars who are looking to earn some money by driving other people around town.

From my experience, it’s pretty darn affordable. The drivers have all been super nice and really seem to enjoy working with Lyft.  You call for a car via your smartphone app and pay via the app as well – simple!

Drivers are instructed to “fist bump” passengers when they get in the car. I’m not sure why, but be prepared for this. It threw me off the first few times I rode in a lyft. But, whatever. This isn’t a town car service.  This is a ride share service. It’s not fancy (no holding doors open, etc – it probably won’t impress your date and do note you’ll be showing up to events in a car with a giant pink mustache on it). However every car I’ve ridden in has been clean and nice and the ride has been a positive experience. My first experience with a driver named David was excellent – he went above and beyond by offering passengers bottled water and candy during the drive as well as had a charging station for different types of phones! Just what I needed!

The only thing I don’t like about Lyft is that passengers are expected to sit in the front seat rather than the back seat.  I feel like if I’m paying someone to drive me somewhere, it should be ok to sit in the backseat. Sitting in the front seat makes me feel like I have to converse with my driver more, and often I just want to be on my phone doing my own thing as I’m driven to my destination. But maybe that’s just me.

To start using Lyft, just download the app for iOS or Android and request your first ride.

Use code SOCIALSEA for a $20 credit, if you’re new to Lyft!

Giveaway time! Want to enter to win a $50 gift card to use on future Lyft rides (good for new or return Lyft users)? Comment on the post for one entry, then “Like” the Lyft post on the Seattle Pockets Facebook Page for a second entry.

lyft seattle 50 seattle


Disclaimer: Lyft provided me with a gift card for personal use as well as one for a giveaway. I’d already used Lyft and liked it before writing this post. As always, free doesn’t change my review.  Enter by 9/21/13 11:59pm Pacific Time. All local and state rules apply. No cash value, Contest is administered by Seattle Pockets, not by Facebook.


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