Find Your Grail and a Night Full of Laughter at Monty Python’s Spamalot at The 5th! – Giveaway

If Monty Python tickles your funny bone, get your coconuts ready and gallop to The 5th Avenue Theatre January 30 – March 2nd to see the musical “Monty Python’s Spamalot!”

I’ve seen a production of this show once before…the fact that I am giddy with excitement to see it again will tell you it’s a ridiculously fun show. This show left my abs sore from laughter. There’s so many reasons Spamalot won a Tony for Best Musical. You don’t have to be a Monty Python fan to love it – if you have a sense of humor, Spamalot is for you.

Allen Fitzpatrick as King Arthur
Allen Fitzpatrick as King Arthur

Besides the score and script being excellent, I am confident this particular production will be something quite memorable. Allen Fitzpatrick will star as King Arthur and I can’t imagine a better man for the role. This man is talented, charismatic and has perfect comic timing. He’s been seen on The 5th Avenue stage a gazillion times (give or take a few) including memorable roles in Sweeney Todd, Memphis, Elf and more. As soon as I saw he was starring in this role, there was no way I was going to miss this production. He’ll also be joined by the charming and adorable triple-threat Matt Owen who audiences fell in love with during Elf The Musical last holiday season at The 5th. If you haven’t seen these fellas on stage yet, you’re in for a treat. Laura Griffith returns to The 5th and is sure to bring down the house as the Lady of the Lake with her powerful soprano voice.

Review to follow my attending the production. Until then, why not enter my giveaway for two tickets to the February 11th performance of Spamalot. Check out the giveaway, here.


  1. I would live to go because it’s the only musical my husband will see and I’ll take my victories where I can get them! Haha


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