Immersive dance performance “Inner Galactic” November 13 – 15

Get out your calendar and save the date for a trip to SPAAAAACE!

Billed as “an immersive dance performance incorporating, music, spoken word, and theater as well as video, costume, light and visual design,” Inner Galactic plays Velocity Dance Center November 13 – 15.


Inspired by space travel, the writing of Carl Sagan, the life cycle of stars and a general love of sci-fi/fantasy story-telling, Inner Galactic is a wild ride through joy, humor and heartbreak, exploring how we are truly “made of star stuff”.

Based in Seattle, WA, Maya Soto (Dancer/Choreographer) + Nico Tower (Musician/Multidisciplinary Artist) have partnered to create a new, exciting dance centered show. Inner Galactic is their first endeavor as a creative team. For more than a decade, Maya and Nico have maintained successful careers in dance and music. Maya as a performer, teaching artist, award winning arts educator, and choreographer. Nico as a passionate music educator, visual designer, arts outreach advocate, and touring composer/performer.


The creators write: “This work is about deconstruction and the exploration of our inner landscapes. In this journey, we learn to chart and navigate various territories of our emotional galaxy. We are inspired by sci-fi subject matter and its lines of inquiry. We love the magic of the unknown. This is our ultimate space travel fantasy. It is a living, breathing, comic adventure, in which we invite the audience to explore with us through interactive installation. In the performance we travel the space-time continuum in our trusty spaceship, S.S. Veruka (who has a personality). We get lost and encounter risk, danger, loss, and despair. It’s really a show about friendship.”

Sounds like a perfect reason to reach out to a friend or two (or plan a date night like I have) and get pick a date. Only 3 performances!

Facebook event page.

Tickets and more info. 

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