Jet City Improv: Austen Translation (now through Dec 23)

Love improv or Jane Austen books/movies? The Austen Translation improv show at Jet City Improv is right up your alley. This show plays now through December 23. Details and tickets here.

I wasn’t able to attend opening night, so sent my mom in my place to review the show. I had no idea this was her first time seeing improv! She had a blast and recommends the show to all. Here’s her review.

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller:

My intro to jet city improv’s Austen Translation was met with pure delight! It was invigorating to experience each creative and highly versatile cast member moving quickly and flawlessly into unchartered lines and characters when entering the stage.

As Director Andrew McMasters notes, “ . . . each cast member can be a main character on any given night—and each one can be a love interest or a scoundrel . . .” The quick witted cast and production definitely entices me to return for a second performance. 

The low-key venue, high-energy cast, and audience participation will keep you on your toes and provides great levity for all. Wonderful holiday fare—treat your friends and family to Austen Translation between now and December 23rd. 




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