My trip on Kenmore Air seaplane (Thanks, Seattle Attractions!)

Recently, I had the privilege to ride on one of Kenmore Air‘s seaplanes for the first time, thanks to the folks at Seattle Attractions! I’ve never seen the city like this! The take-off and landing were super smooth. All passengers wear headphones during the flight which pipe in great information about the area you fly over, along with soothing music along the way. Did you know West Seattle was its own city from 1902 until 1907? I never knew!

Seattle Attractions hosted a live Facebook video (complete with an interview with the pilot and gorgeous shots of our entire flight from take-off to landing). I suggest watching it to get an idea of what these flights are really like.

If you’re planning to travel to Seattle, host out of town guests, or just want to experience all the fun that our city holds, check out Seattle Attractions Trip Planner for a handy itinerary builder.

What’s your favorite way to experience Seattle?

A few photos from the trip:



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