Review: Don’t miss “The Nance” at ArtsWest now through Nov 19

The Nance plays ArtsWest in West Seattle now through November 19.

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller:

Artistic Director Matthew Wright has produced another undaunted winner in The Nance! As 1930s burlesque and “pansy shows” come to life on stage, the audience is provided a close-up glimpse into historical atrocities of that period. A most hypocritical culture it was – accepting and portraying gay lives as entertaining and comedic, all the while persecuting those who chose a gay lifestyle.

Chauncey Miles (performed poignantly by Richard Gray) is a flamboyant gay burlesque performer, weaving his way through life under the guise of a straight entertainer. The irony of his predicament is not lost on those who strive to support him in his endeavors to perform as a nance while in the midst of a relationship with a young homeless man (solidly portrayed by Drew Highlands).

Accolades to Jeff Steitzer in his straight-man supporting role – his impeccable delivery and timing add fearless comic relief throughout. A thank you to ArtsWest for a timely, dynamic line-up this season – so educational, so heartfelt, so powerful, and ever so welcome to our Seattle theatre community. Tickets here.

ArtsWest 2017-18 The Nance

ArtsWest 2017-18 The Nance

Photos by John McLellan

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