Review: The Gin Game at Village Theatre

Review by Jeanne Kinley Deller

Currently at Village Theatre in Issaquah, “The Gin Game” takes the audience to a completely different realm from its musical norm. This anything-but-musical production, winner of the 1978  Pulitzer Prize for Drama, stars Marianne Owen (Fonsia) and her spouse, Kurt Beattie (Weller), both well-known in the local theatre community.

“The Gin Game” introduces its audience to Fonsia and Kurt as they are just getting to know each other. While the unsuspecting might anticipate these new acquaintances making nice, the observer is thrown a curve in witnessing an increasingly abusive relationship. Reminiscent of Virginia Woolf?

An intimate glimpse of elderly cast aside by families, friends, society, and government – dramatic responses, all. Food for thought at Village Theatre in Issaquah through February 25, 2018 and from March 2-25, 2018 in Everett. Tickets here

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Image via Village Theatre 

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