Review: “The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes” – dream of a production for all musical fanatics (Village Theatre)

Review for Jeanne Kinley Deller:

Issaquah’s Village Theatre invites you to join in the highly creative, zany, satirical encounters of Howard Barnes, a perfectly “average” guy, who has an aversion to musical theatre. Strangely, and to his chagrin, he awakens to discover he’s smack in the middle of an extraordinarily inescapable musical production.

The befuddled Howard Barnes (Joshua Carter) and his charming mentor Maggie (Taryn Darr) meander through an abundance of highly acclaimed musicals with an ensemble of enthusiastic sidekicks – all dedicated to changing his perspective. Leads and supporting cast alike, are fun, funny, fun-loving, and spot on in transitioning Howard from average to noteworthy musical theatre devotee.

A challenge for all musical theatre fanatics: how many celebrated musical numbers (referenced on page 15 of your Encore program) can you spot throughout this performance? Requirements for this quiz: vigilance, near perfect musical theatre attendance, and a superior ear. Good luck!

Not to be missed, reserve your tickets now for The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes.  On stage at Issaquah’s Village Theatre now through October 21st, then at Everett Performing Arts Center from October 26 through November 18, 2018. Tickets here. 


Photo via Village Theatre 

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