Feeling excess stress and anxiety? This can help.

ICYMI: I’ve shared two new videos with quick, effective techniques to help lower stress and anxiety in your body and mind. My gift to you. 

It’s important that we let ourselves feel all our feelings right now AND it’s also vital to manage excess levels of stress and anxiety throughout the day to protect our minds and bodies and increase our feelings of peace and resilience.

You can view these videos (and other posts with great stress/worry-reduction tips) in a variety of ways:

Check out the posts in my Facebook Group: Reframe Your Brain

Scroll through posts on my Medium Blog at keridwyn.medium.com

Check out my IG TV posts at instagram.com/keridwyn

As my Mom said to me today, “Keep Breathing.” 

Sending you love,


I write for SeattlePockets.com as my hobby. My day job is Mindset Coach & Hypnotherapist.

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