Giveaway: “Jingle All the Gay – A Very Virtual Queerantine Christmas”

by Keridwyn Deller

Audiences from all over can enjoy one of the best Burlesque / Drag / Cabaret / Comedy holiday performance shows this year, as “Jingle All the Gay” goes online. You can enjoy either on-demand watching or participate in one of the virtual viewing parties hosted by Kitten N’ Lou (an award winning duo and two of my favorite Seattle performers).

They are hosting a giveaway now!

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(You can enter either or both ways.)

I’m so thrilled and impressed that they have been able to pivot to figure out how to bring this delightful show to audiences again this year, featuring an all-star cast of theater, burlesque, cabaret, dance, drag, and musical luminaries!  This is an important time to support the arts! Buy tickets here.

About the show (in their own words):

Well folks, 2020 has been *quite* the year…one that has us feeling the importance of  gathering strength and power as a community more than ever. While we are heartbroken  to not be able to join together in the same room to feel the comfort, joy, and magic of this  annual event, we’re thrilled to bring you an incredibly special and unique 2020 virtual  experience of Jingle All the Gay to share with your nearest and dearest!  

After co-producing an iconic decade of Homo For The Holidays in Seattle, Kitten N’ Lou  ushered in a new chapter of this beloved holiday tradition to critical and audience  acclaim….Jingle All the Gay! This deliciously queer and delectably extravagant holiday  confection featuring a bombastic all-star cast is guaranteed to make even the most  stubborn yuletides gay…and can be enjoyed by folks around the globe this year!  

Jingle All the Gay invites you to join our chosen family of fabulous fruitcakes online in a  joyful and triumphant celebration of song, dance, burlesque, and holiday hilarity. Light  your menorah, stuff your stockings, and be part of continuing this essential community  holiday tradition… ensuring it’s survival for years to come!  

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