Helpful way to regift holiday decor and more

by Keridwyn Deller

As you pack up holiday decor for the year, I recommend creating one bag or box of items that you want to regift – maybe it’s decorations you haven’t felt inspired to put out for a few years, maybe it’s ornaments that don’t “spark joy.” Put these items in a bag at the top of your holiday decor box. Then send an email to your future self to arrive in your inbox sometime between Nov 26 and Dec 1 next year, reminding you to list your holiday decor on your Buy Nothing group (or other gifting site) as people are decorating their homes for the holidays. It’s a kinder time to pass things on, especially to people who don’t want it now but will want it then!

I did this last holiday season and a man in my Buy Nothing group was so grateful to add some holiday cheer to his place this December. Gmail has a built in feature to snooze emails – just send an email to yourself now, then snooze it until Nov 26 next year! If you don’t have this feature, FutureMe provides a free way to email your future self.

I’ve also done this with seasonal items such as winter wear. Folks experience hardship at different times, losing their belongings, so gifting items at the times when people can most use them is so helpful!

If you were fortunate enough to get presents for the holidays, now is a great time to see what you no longer need or want as well. We got a new microwave for Christmas, so I’ll be listing our old one on our Buy Nothing group today.

Find your Buy Nothing Group here.

(Note: If you are in a place where you need something, Buy Nothing Groups are also a great place to ask!)

If you are gifting warm clothing and outdoor gear in decent condition, please consider donating to an organization that directly helps those experiencing homelessness. If you struggle finding one in your area and need help connecting with one, I’m happy to do some internet searching for you, just reach out.

Sending love to all!


  1. Merry Christmas, Keridwyn!

    All great ideas! I’m in a very active BN group and GE (Gift Everything)

    Was able to pass on much holiday decor. Excess food is also offered and has been welcomed esp during this pandemic. It’s the best “online shopping” experience with no money exchanges and getting to know neighbors.

    Take care,


    Shirley Abreu

    Sent from my iPhone, please pardon any autocorrect


    • That’s wonderful, Shirley! Food certainly seems very welcome right now (and can’t always be donated via a food bank). One of my neighbors gifted a few fruit pies she baked recently and someone else gifted sourdough loafs. So generous. I haven’t heard of gift everything before – I will check that out, thanks! Happy Christmas to you too.


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