“Freestyle Love Supreme” brings laughter, connection, music & jaw-dropping talent to Seattle (Now – March 13, 2022)

Hey y’all, listen up: There is a show in town now through March 13 that is at the top of my “If you’re going to a live event, this is the event to go to” list. I legit feel like nearly ALL of my friends will love this show. I can rarely say that about any live performance.

Now through March 13: Freestyle Love Supreme at Seattle Rep.

If you are down to see live shows right now, get yourself some tickets.

I laughed SO much, had many moments of feeling awe, felt connected to the performers and fellow audience members in heartwarming and “we can all relate” hilarious moments. I left the Seattle Rep feeling so much more upbeat and happy after seeing Freestyle Love Supreme.

This is only the second live theatre I’ve been to since the pandemic started. I had a feeling this particular production was worth seeing live. And I was right.

This particular touring cast is phenomenally talented. Improv alone is hard to pull off well, not to mention adding music and incredibly fast (we’re talking Hamilton-fast) improv’ed lyrics. 

Shout out to this particular cast: Aneesa Folds aka “Young Nees” (pictured below), Jay C. Ellis aka “Jellis,” Chris Sullivan aka “Shockwave”(his sounds are so unreal, I’m not quite convinced he’s human. pictured below), the awesome MC Anthony Venezia aka “Two-Touch” who sets such a wonderful and warm vibe for the show’s entire journey (pictured below), Kaila Mullady aka “Kaiser Rözé,” Andrew Bancroft aka “Jelly Donut,” and Morgan Reilly aka “Hummingbird.” (If you want to hear some of my favorite moments by each of these performers from the show I attended, just ask. I have great things to say about every single one of these talented humans – they each bring their own unique heart and soul to this show.)

There is so much heart in this show in addition to the jaw-dropping improv hip-hop, beatboxing talent. And WOW does it feel good to laugh again and again (and again, replaying moments from the show after it’s over).

If you are comfortable seeing live theatre or music right now, get yourself a ticket. The show was 90 minutes with no intermission – a great length if you ask me. Also, the Seattle Rep cleverly serves their concessions (wine, snacks, etc) outside, so that everyone can truly keep their mask on when indoors. 

I realize everyone’s comfort zone is different right now, but if seeing live performances is in your comfort zone, support the incredible Seattle Rep (and give yourself the gift of a TON of laughter and joy) and get your tickets now.

No two shows are the same. I’m considering going again – it’s that good.

Sending you love,


(Side note: For those on an extra tight budget, the Seattle Rep offers a select number of Pay-What-You-Choose tickets. Check that out if that’s the best fit for your current needs.) 

Photo by Joan Marcus

In their own words (from Seattle Rep’s website):

Before Hamilton, before In the Heights, there was Freestyle Love Supreme.

Now — direct from Broadway — the original hip-hop musical phenomenon from Thomas Kail, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Anthony Veneziale arrives in Seattle.    
The recipient of a special 2020 Tony Award® and subject of the recently released Hulu documentary We are Freestyle Love Supreme, every performance of this Grammy-nominated show brings the unexpected, as the crew takes the crowd on a freestyle, hip-hop, improvisational comedy ride. The performers take suggestions from the audience and spin them into instantaneous riffs and full-length musical numbers. See it for the first time each time — as no two shows are ever the same. 

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