Enjoy the magic of “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” on now through Jan 1 at The Paramount in Seattle

review by Keridwyn Deller

One of my favorite theatrical outings of the year just happened: Brandon and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” recently and I absolutely loved it.

I had heard great things from friends who saw “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” on Broadway, and I love the movie version so much that it’s one of the few DVDs I still own. I don’t tend to rewatch movies, but this is one I’ve seen multiple times. And now, I can say with confidence, that though this was my first time seeing “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” on tour, it certainly won’t be the last. “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” gives you that feeling of wanting to see it again, even before the curtain call! 

I loved the plethora of new music that has been added to the musical – including songs that have been released since the movie came out. One of the most magical parts of this show is the mashup style of music, taking parts of pop songs and mixing them with others to create a whole new musical experience and a wildly fun method of storytelling. I hadn’t listened to the Broadway cast recording of the musical before seeing the show, so it was a surprise when many songs I love came up throughout the night. I could feel the music and the energy of the show in my body during the two acts We left the theatre feeling alive, energized, and satisfied, and, once home, I decided to listen to a few of the show’s songs again to keep that joy going.

There are still tickets available (great holiday gifts or gift yourself to the experience!) to see this live spectacular production. The show plays now through January 1 in Seattle at the gorgeous Paramount theatre (I was amazed how much of the spectacular set they were able to include in our gorgeous historic theatre – it reaches beyond the stage.)

If you’d like to learn more about the show, you can read the description here.

One of the cast members of the “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” tour, Tamrin Goldberg, was born here in Seattle and I was fortunate enough to be able to ask them some questions. Here’s my Q&A with Tamrin.

Q: If someone is picking one show to see in Seattle this holiday season, why is Moulin Rouge! The Musical the one to pick?

Tamrin: It’s a spectacular piece of theater that truly does have something for everyone. Sonya Tayeh’s choreography is unlike anything else you’d see on a Broadway stage, and it is danced brilliantly. The talent onstage is honestly otherworldly. And the set design! And the lighting! And the musical arrangements! And wow, the costumes! I’m a swing in the show, which means I am not performing on stage every night, so I often have an opportunity to watch from the house, and even 9 months into our run, this production blows me away. 

Q: What’s a memorable moment from a rehearsal or recent performance?

I remember the first time our company completed a full run of “Roxanne” in the rehearsal studio in New York City, back in February. We had been learning the different elements separately, and the moment that it all came together I burst into tears, overcome with emotion and admiration. I’d felt a similar way almost 20 years ago, after watching the “Roxanne” sequence in the film, and to be a part of this reimagining of such an iconic scene is an absolute dream come true.

Q: What’s a fun challenge about playing your role in Moulin Rouge! The Musical?

Being a swing has simultaneously been one of the biggest challenges and most fulfilling experiences of my career. It’s one of the wildest rides in the business, but with guidance from our incredible dance captains and choreography team, I’ve learned to love it. I even recently completed “SWINGO,” performing in all of the tracks I cover within two weeks. I swing seven roles in the show, and have to be ready to jump in to any of them at a moment’s notice. Sometimes we know we’ll be going on a month in advance, and sometimes a swing ends up going on mid-show. I once went on 15 minutes before the show ended with about four minutes to get fully dressed, made up, into a wig, and up to the stage! It’s a thrill.

Q: Describe your character using six emojis:


Q: What’s something that surprised you about the production or creative process when you were in rehearsals?

The details. This is a show that stuns from the back of a 3,000 seat house, and looks just as good (better, even) up close. From the stitching of the gowns, to the intricacy of the set, to the expressions on each company member’s face, it is a show with soul, with passion, that truly upholds our bohemian ideals of truth, beauty, freedom, and love

Q: What’s something you love about a fellow cast member, or someone involved with the show?

I have to start by saying this is one of the best groups of people I’ve ever worked with. There is so much love and support within our company. One person though, who is hugely responsible for literally keeping this company together, is our incredible physical therapist, Natalie Farah. We are so lucky to have a PT who travels with us, who knows our bodies and their quirks, and who treats us with so much love and care. She is a wonderful PT, friend, and company member.

Q: Describe Moulin Rouge! The Musical using six emojis:


Q: How do you imagine an audience member feeling as they head out after the show?

Tamrin: Exhilarated! Inspired! Ready to come back and see it again!

 [Note from Keridwyn – I can confirm – this is just how I felt!]

Thank you so much, Tamrin, for taking the time to answer my questions. And thank you to EVERYONE involved with this production. Y’all are an amazingly talented group of folks.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical plays The Paramount Theatre in Downtown Seattle Now through January 1, 2023.

More info and tickets here.

Happy Holidays, everyone! – Keridwyn

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  1. I loved it, too! The updated music was a surprise to me as well. I’m ushering for it again next week, lucky me. Btw, Educator/student rush tix are available at the Box Ofc 1 hr b4 performance for $25 with valid ID, limit 2 pp. Enjoyed reading your interview with cast member.


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