No two shows are the same! Scenes and Songs: An Improvised Musical (4 shows left)

by Keridwyn Deller

Unexpected Productions is currently mid-run of its newest production: “Scenes & Songs: An Improvised Musical,” which has only four shows left. This show was created and directed by Paul Levy (who you may have seen as “Scrooge” in past UP shows of The Improvised Christmas Carol). The show features a rotating cast of singing improvisers. (If you know Paul or other cast members, reach out to them to find out what nights they are performing.)

Year round, Unexpected Productions gives us so many opportunities to put our struggles aside and laugh, immersed in the improv theatre in Pike Place Market, right next to the gum wall.

I’m excited to see the show this weekend!

About the show (in their own words):

This improvised musical show is a genuine musical collaboration between the audience, improvisers, and the musician.

One piano, one pianist, a handful of improvisers, and YOU. Live out your creative show-biz dreams or just sit back and be entertained as you and your fellow audience members inspire and create a variety of songs and scenes and characters all centered around one main concept. Then watch as those scenes are seamlessly turned into musical moments by our incredibly talented improvisers. Each night boasts an entirely new production made up right on the spot never to be seen again and all inspired by you. We describe all of our shows as PG13. While Unexpected Productions always strives to present material that is appropriate for teen and adult audiences, due to the unpredictable and audience-participatory nature of improvisation, it is impossible to guarantee the content.

Note: There are only four performances left (February 3, 4, 10, and 11, 2023). Tickets here. Grab a snack or drink in their lobby to enjoy at your seat during what looks to be a fun night of music and laughs.

Currently, Unexpected Productions has a wonderful assortment of shows to choose from including “Loose Cannons,” “Duo Comedy Showcase,” “Genre Box Improv,” and more. Upcoming special events include two nights of The Kevin McDonald Show (founding member of The Kids in the Hall) and a delightful “Comedy of Love” performance for one night only on Valentine’s Day. Check out all their shows here.

If you love improv, I want to hear: do you like giving suggestions to the actors or do you prefer others to participate in that part? I’d love for you to chime in (or come back and let me know how much you enjoyed “Scenes and Songs: An Improvised Musical“!

Photos of “Scenes and Songs: An Improvised Musical.” Photos by Bill Grinnell.

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