The Can Can’s new production “Noir” is a delight (Pike Place Market, Seattle now through June 25)

Real talk: I continue to be surprised that folks I know – especially folks who love burner parties, burlesque, or cabaret- tell me they have NEVER been to the Can Can! WHAT?!

If you keep putting off going to the Can Can, please stop procrastinating and get your tickets now, whether it’s a date night or a fun night out with friends.

The Can Can, in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, is currently featuring their original production of “Noir,” This show is the perfect excuse to return to Can Can or go for the very first time.

Is it Sexy and Silly? YES! That’s the magic of the Can Can. That’s why we love it and keep coming back again and again! (If you’re someone who might be considered prudish, this show isn’t for you.)

Is the production of Noir always true to the genre of Noir? No, friend! I don’t think I have ever seen a show at Can Can that just has one tone, one flavor. It’s an homage, not a recreation. You’re not going for a history lesson in film class. (Please refer to the above: it’s sexy and silly.)

Do some of the comedic moments fall firmly in the Dad Joke category? YES, in the best way (Isn’t it fitting that Moms are Emcee Jonny’s “target audience” while he teases us with “Dad Jokes?”)

Take a date or a gaggle of friends you feel happy sitting next to while talented performers dance on stage and right along the tables on the catwalks.

In Noir, I absolutely adored the costumes (Shadou Mintrone continues to wow us with her creative choices, show after show), the choreography by Fae Pink, the delightful performance and stage presence of Travis Guerin, and of course the beautiful sound of songbird Jasmine Jean Sim.

“Noir” plays now through June 25, 2023. Tickets and more info, here.

About the show, in their own words:

“Revel in the risqué as NOIR is upon us. Can Can, the winner of 5 BroadwayWorld Seattle Awards including Seattle’s Favorite Local Theatre, brings to you an all-new production. Depart from the confines of normalcy and escape into psychadelic nocturnal revelry. NOIR is a risqué revue featuring Can Can’s most mischievous provocateurs in a night of indulgent dining paired with world-class entertainment. A music and dance odyssey set to Pink & Pezzner’s entrancing soundscape and adorned by the backdrop of an elaborate visual landscape, this onstage live cinematic experience is unrivaled.”

Review by Keridwyn Deller

Photos by Nate Watters

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