Don’t Miss “The Jacket” – Nanda plays Broadway Performance Hall through Oct 23

This just in: 2 for 1 tickets 10/20 & 10/23 at 8pm! Visit Goldstar here:  and search for Nanda!

Having seen Nanda perform shorts at The Moisture Festival, I was already excited about this show before the curtain went up last weekend on opening night.  

I was expecting a fun, lighthearted night of performance, but was truly blown away by this show.

They’re not perfect, but they’re awesome.  These talented guys make you transport back to the days of playing pretend as a kid.  What happens on stage is as if the brain of an active 8 year old boy, in love with martial arts movies, comes to life. Their “kung faux” fighting is electrifyed as their choreography matches over-the-top sound effects, swing near each other and throw themselves back in comic falls. The audience feels like a kid again, remembering the importance of play and imagination as it comes to life before their eyes.

Tomoki Sage brings his  talents to the stage in a delivery that will remind audiences of vaudvillian style clowning. Groucho Marx would be pleased. His facial expressions and dedication to character in the moment are filled with joy and comedic skill. I can’t wait to see Sage perform again and this particular performance is spot on.  Joined by co-stars Misha Fradin, Chen Pollina and Kiyota Sage, this handsome bunch will have you laughing one moment and dropping your jaw the next, as they make difficult acrobatic moves look easy as pie.

The video production that helps carry the story between costume changes is well produced and adds to the fun of the production.

The Jacket runs about an hour with no intermission and will leave you smiling all week long.  It’s rare I see a show that I want ALL of my friends to see, but this is one that appeals to a huge audience. The crowd jumped to its feet in standing ovation at the end of the show. Don’t miss the creative joy that is NANDA.



Broadway Performance Hall
1625 Broadway, Seattle  

October 6-23, 2011
Thursday-Sunday at 8PM

$12-$20 (Youth/Senior prices included)
$25 at the door
Online Box Office: 

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