Carol Brunettes perform tonight at Figgy Pudding in Westlake Center

The Carol Brunettes are back for their 4th year, rewriting rock and pop songs into holiday carols, to raise money for the Pike Market Senior Center & Downtown Food Bank, as part of a holiday tradition called “The Great Figgy Pudding!”

Come see our group sing between 6:15pm and 7:15pm tonight outside of All Saints at 5th & Pine in downtown Seattle.

Want to donate to the cause? Donate here, on Carol Brunette member dL’s page (she has a donor who has pledged to match up to $5000 in donations).

A donation of $25 will feed around 40 adults~  Any donation, even just $5 matters. You are helping feed and provide other important support to the low income and homeless folks in our area. Wish you could donate more, but can’t? Share this blog post, our Facebook Event page, or the donation link via Facebook, email or Twitter and encourage your friends to join you by making a small donation as well.  If you’ve donated here or on our other fundraising page, THANK YOU!

The Carol Brunettes won “Most Creative Performance” in 2010 Figgy Pudding, for their performance of “I Love Mistletoe,” a rewrite of the classic Joan Jett song.

2011 Carol Brunettes: Alida, Carolyn, dL, Harmony, Karianne, Keridwyn, Kristi, Laura, Leah, Somer & Teela!

The event is outdoors! Stay for our set (nine songs), then wander around to listen to the 39 other caroling groups.  Pick up a People’s Choice ballot at the info/check in desk and vote for us!  But most of all, bundle up and have fun as we sing  rewritten songs from Journey, Joan Jett, Lady Gaga and more, for this important cause!

5pm Pre-Figgy Entertainment

6:15-7:15 Teams singing on the streets

7:15 Drumline procession
7:30-8:30 Sing-off on main stage (The Carol Brunettes will sing one song if we are in the top two teams nominated for Most Creative or People’s Choice)

FUBAR – Uber Rides half off 10/24 – 10/27!

Uber is a fabulous car service that came to Seattle just a few months ago.  I love them: You pull up the app on your phone (you can also text, I hear) and before you request the car it will tell you how far away your driver is! With the magic of GPS, you can watch your car come your way on the app’s map and then you get a text when it’s near and has arrived. The drivers are so professional, and you arrive at your destination in town car style!  Plus, they bill your credit card directly, including gratuity, so you don’t have to hand over cash or wait while they swipe your card.  It’s a few bucks more than a cab, but well worth it for the ease and convenience.

Today, Uber announced that if you put the promo code FUBAR into your app before calling your car, you will save 50% on your trip between 6AM Monday, October 24th and 8PM Thursday, October 27th.
For those who like to check in on Foursquare, look up “In an Uber” next time you’re riding with them!

ARTcade – First event this Thursday 10/20 in South Lake Union

ARTcade’s first event will be this Thursday, October 20th from 6pm – 9pm!  Swing by South Lake Union to experience live music, spoken word, visual art, participate in a giant jenga game and mix and mingle with Seattle neighbors! ARTcade will be a monthly event (every Third Thursday) – be one of the first to be a part of this fabulous, free Seattle arts event.

I’m most excited to check out the work that Kizha Davidson curates at Visual Art Gallery, cheer on players during Giant Jenga, and see what Dumb Eyes has up their sleeves.

10/20 Lineup:

320 Westlake Avenue North / South East corner of Westlake and Harrison
Curated by Kizha Davidson of pun(c)tuation gallery
Featuring works of:
Spencer Matthews
Curtis R. Barnes
Mike Wagner

321 Terry Avenue North / Western Half of Ground Floor Lobby
Cello by John Ames of EQLateral l
Strings Bass by Lamar Lofton with accompanying guitarist

310 Terry Ave N, between Thomas and Harrison, near Cuoco Restaurant.
A Flame Production offers up a stage of original music, spoken word and a beat battle extraordinaire for South Lake Union’s first-ever ARTcade. Featuring Seattle superstars performing their own and others best music and poetry, don’t miss Amber Flame and the Last of the RedHot Mamas, Elaina M. Ellis, Roma Raye, and more!
6:00 – 6:30 Roma Raye
6:40 – 7:10 Heidi McAllister
7:20 – 7:50 Elaina M. Ellis
8:00 – 8:30 Last of the RedHot Mamas
8:40 – 9:00 Sarah Freeman and Najja Morris

Boren Plaza landing by Ting MoMo Restaurant & Bravehorse Tavern rchives/2011/07/06/giant-jenga-at-the-georgetown-carnival/

corner of Harrison & Boren Avenue North. by the David Smith & Company store 
Leif Totusek w/ “The Romales”
Mario Butkovic – guitar Leif Totusek – Will Dowd -drums

Dead end alley on the south side of 333 Boren Avenue North
Enter on north side of Harrison Avenue between Boren and Terry or through Parking Garage on Boren Plaza
landing by Ting MoMo & Bravehorse Tavern
Installation by DUMB EYES

The Urban Sketchers
333 Boren Avenue North, south side of the building (west window)

Frances Nelson
333 Boren Avenue North, south side of the building (east window)

On Twitter? Use hashtag #ARTcade (and tweet @keridwyn to say hi at the event!)

Don’t Miss “The Jacket” – Nanda plays Broadway Performance Hall through Oct 23

This just in: 2 for 1 tickets 10/20 & 10/23 at 8pm! Visit Goldstar here:  and search for Nanda!

Having seen Nanda perform shorts at The Moisture Festival, I was already excited about this show before the curtain went up last weekend on opening night.  

I was expecting a fun, lighthearted night of performance, but was truly blown away by this show.

They’re not perfect, but they’re awesome.  These talented guys make you transport back to the days of playing pretend as a kid.  What happens on stage is as if the brain of an active 8 year old boy, in love with martial arts movies, comes to life. Their “kung faux” fighting is electrifyed as their choreography matches over-the-top sound effects, swing near each other and throw themselves back in comic falls. The audience feels like a kid again, remembering the importance of play and imagination as it comes to life before their eyes.

Tomoki Sage brings his  talents to the stage in a delivery that will remind audiences of vaudvillian style clowning. Groucho Marx would be pleased. His facial expressions and dedication to character in the moment are filled with joy and comedic skill. I can’t wait to see Sage perform again and this particular performance is spot on.  Joined by co-stars Misha Fradin, Chen Pollina and Kiyota Sage, this handsome bunch will have you laughing one moment and dropping your jaw the next, as they make difficult acrobatic moves look easy as pie.

The video production that helps carry the story between costume changes is well produced and adds to the fun of the production.

The Jacket runs about an hour with no intermission and will leave you smiling all week long.  It’s rare I see a show that I want ALL of my friends to see, but this is one that appeals to a huge audience. The crowd jumped to its feet in standing ovation at the end of the show. Don’t miss the creative joy that is NANDA.



Broadway Performance Hall
1625 Broadway, Seattle  

October 6-23, 2011
Thursday-Sunday at 8PM

$12-$20 (Youth/Senior prices included)
$25 at the door
Online Box Office: 

ArtsCrush – enter to win free tickets to Seattle arts events

ArtsCrush is back! ArtsCrush Free Night allows you to enter to win tickets to theatre, dance, music events and more. The Enter to Win registration is now through September 29th – visit and click Enter To Win to register.

Increase your chances of winning by attending the Arts Crush Kick-Off Fair this Sunday, September 25th from 11am – 2pm at Seattle Center’s McCaw Hall.  One of my favorite live bands, Titanium Sporkestra, will be playing at 10:45.

ArtsCrush also provides the community with “Date Night” two for one ticket offerings. 

H2 Ahhh

Drinking as much water as I “should” is often a challenge for me. But I think I’ve found a way to solve this problem: Cucumber.


Kristi and I enjoyed happy hour at Nijo  earlier this week and while their yam fries were delicious, the thing we exclaimed the most about was their cucumber water. The waitress walked by with a water pitcher that had a whole, peeled cucumber in it to refill our glasses!  You can “make” your own cucumber water at home by either throwing a slice into a glass, or putting a pitcher of water in the fridge with slices of cucumber (or a chunk of it, if you prefer the way that looks, just be sure to peel it first). Create variations of cucumber water by adding mint, lime or lemon.

Added bonus: Cucumbers have a lot of nutrients. REAL “Vitamin” water without the sugar! 

One thing to note: don’t drink all the water you need per day all at once – it’s healthier to drink several glasses of water throughout the day.


A hundred pockets?

There are some moments in life I find myself searching for quotations online. Sometimes I’ll visit a quote site, other times, I’ll search for quotes under famous authors or philosophers names.  

Quotes help me get motivated, connect with others who experience shared emotions, give me new perspectives, inspire me or sometimes simply entertain.

I’ve recently had the desire to start a new personal blog, but have had a tough time deciding on what the subject matter would be. Two requirements would have to be: a subject I’m interested/involved in or knowledgeable about and one that is interesting to readers.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what to focus on.  

Here were some of the ideas I came up with:

  • An “Auntie” blog to connect with the “Mommy Bloggers” out there? That sounded fun. But I don’t spend every day with my nieces (though of course I’d love to see them more), and I wanted to connect with readers who don’t have kids or friends/siblings with kids. That said, I do love sharing info about family fun events!
  • Reviews on movies/TV (mostly Netflix and Hulu+)? Sure I love watching streaming TV, but is a blog dedicated only to that something I could keep up with? And how interesting would it be to read one gal’s 1 to 10 scale reviews (even though you could feel safe in knowing my posts would be spoiler free)? But sometimes, I watch something that inspires me to write. 
  • Costume and Makeup ideas? It’s true, I go to a lot of themed costumed events throughout the year, but I don’t have the budget or time to spend putting together amazing creations. Though, I do love to share a good makeup/costume tip from time to time!
  • Seattle Events? The city I live in is rich with arts, theatre, DJ nights, live music and more. That said, I’d love a blog that would be interesting to read from thousands of miles away. But, there’s so many good things happening around town, I want to get the word out (and review the occasional event, restaurant, happy hour or venue).
  • Relationships, Living and Learning? I’m certainly not one to air my emotional “dirty laundry” out on a blog for others to read. That’s not what I mean by “Relationships.” More, I’d like the opportunity to write blog posts reflecting on relationships (romantic or platonic), interpersonal dynamics, tips on living a more happy and abundant existence and elements of interest that make me stop and reflect on the life I live.  Having 100% of my posts be along these lines seemed a bit daunting, but I really love the idea of exploring these themes on a public blog.
  • Having Fun & Saving Money? On the flip side of events, there’s a lot of fun to be had while saving money. I’m a huge fan of board games, puzzles, scavenger hunts, reading. And who doesn’t like a good deal? This almost won out as the focus of my blog. However…

I took a look at this list and realized, all these interests were just part of a whole that makes up me. I’d already decided to leave the Social Media news to my business blog and give myself a rest in this space, but which of these subjects should I choose.

Then I came across the quote, once again, from Nietzsche: “When one has much to put into them, a day has a hundred pockets.”  I realized: I didn’t need to pick just one pocket. I could share the contents of many and create a vibrant blog.

If you’re reading this in the future, I’d love to hear feedback on what type of posts are your favorites, what you’d like to hear more or less of or any other thoughts you have! If you’re reading this closer to my post date, please share with me what subjects interest you the most!