FUBAR – Uber Rides half off 10/24 – 10/27!

Uber is a fabulous car service that came to Seattle just a few months ago.  I love them: You pull up the app on your phone (you can also text, I hear) and before you request the car it will tell you how far away your driver is! With the magic of GPS, you can watch your car come your way on the app’s map and then you get a text when it’s near and has arrived. The drivers are so professional, and you arrive at your destination in town car style!  Plus, they bill your credit card directly, including gratuity, so you don’t have to hand over cash or wait while they swipe your card.  It’s a few bucks more than a cab, but well worth it for the ease and convenience.

Today, Uber announced that if you put the promo code FUBAR into your app before calling your car, you will save 50% on your trip between 6AM Monday, October 24th and 8PM Thursday, October 27th.
For those who like to check in on Foursquare, look up “In an Uber” next time you’re riding with them!

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